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Hey so im pretty epic and i might as well make one of these. Im here just to play some ph and make some good friends while i play. Here is a list of a few things about myself or stuff i like

Favorite book - Lord of the Flies
Favorite movie - Episode III of Star Wars
Favorite TV show - Red vs. Blue and Breaking Bad (Im in the middle of watching Breaking Bad)
Some of my favorite games - Gmod, Steep, MW2, Halo 1/2/Reach, Skyrim, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Games I play right now - Gmod, MW2, Steep, some csgo, and some Apex or Fortnite
Favorite type of music - Rap, lofi rap, Hip-Hop
Favorite Artists - $uicideboy$, Sadboyprolific, Vaboh, XXXTentacion, KG Smokey, Kam Michael, Keegan Hayes, Lil Xan, and Lil Wayne
Favorite drink - Mountain Dew KickStarter
Favorite quote - "Good artists copy, great artists steal" -Picasso
Favorite Anime - Sword Art Online
Favorite Animal - Cat
MW2 is the best COD imo. I love engineering. I am currently taking an engineering class. Im learning some Lua and Im going to try to make a Top Down shooter using Defold in the summer. Gmod is one of the greatest games made at the time it was released. Steep is a great game with the sights and graphics. I like the UwU emoticon because it looks like a cat with its eyes closed so dont @ me. If you got anymore questions im happy to answer them.
it doesn't look like a cat though

Welcome to the community!
Great another person who will be saying uwu. As if we needed anymore smh my head

Regardless, hello! Welcome to the community.

(Halo Reach > all,  don't @me)