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February Giveaway - [CC] Danny - 02-24-2018

Every month we will be doing a giveaway!

For the month of February there will be TWO winners due to Nier donating the 1st place prize!

1st Place:

[Image: ab91d5b3f3969856ce3d57031b5421ee.png]

Donated by Nier Auto

2nd Place:

[Image: LIFE-460x215.jpg]  [Image: header.jpg?t=1515058889]

What you have to do is: 
- Comment on this thread.
- And then proceed to join the Steam Group:

You may only comment ONCE per DAY until the end of the giveaway.
On the date listed below at 11:59 EST, the thread will be locked and the winner will be chosen randomly!
So be sure to come back and comment every day to increase your chances!

This giveaway is for everyone! 
But you must have at least 5 hours acquired on the server on the week of the giveaway as well as being a member of the steam group to qualify!
( We WILL check for both before the prize is given. )


RE: February Giveaway - Dipshit - 02-24-2018

Lv 1...

RE: February Giveaway - bor - 02-24-2018


RE: February Giveaway - Shade - 02-24-2018

I am shade

RE: February Giveaway - [CC]Goken - 02-24-2018

Dinner is served <3

RE: February Giveaway - OR/IN - 02-24-2018

oh my well that would be neat! :0

RE: February Giveaway - Sure... why not? - 02-24-2018


RE: February Giveaway - Araiah - 02-24-2018

Nice giveaway

RE: February Giveaway - Jeffrey Dahmer the People Nommer - 02-24-2018

Yeet nigga

RE: February Giveaway - Chris P. Bacon - 02-24-2018

yo, glad to be here