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Itachi Staff app - Itachi - 09-29-2019

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:179035212

In-Game Name: Itachi

Steam Profile link:

Time Played on the Server (Please include your Gametracker Link):22.7 on server it says 20 hours

Age: 24

About Yourself : I'm Energetic i play sports i enjoy playing video games and i always wanna have fun with everyone

Do you let your emotions get in the way sometimes?: no i do not

Do you own a good mic?: I dont know Corsair

How active can you be (day to day)?: I can hop on in the mornings on the weekends and on the weekdays probably the afternoon

What time are you usually on?: Pacific time 5:00 pm and on weekends 8:00 Am

Are you staffing any other servers?: Nope

Staff Experience: I did on another server i used to play on before it shutdown

Why do you want to be staff?: I want to be staff because i want to help the community thrive and i want to be part of the community also sometimes the staff isn't always on and sometimes there is no one to deal with the rdmers or mic spammers.

Why should we choose you?: Because i wanna help the community and i will be active everyday unless something happens

There are a lot of times where there are misunderstandings over RDM or times where people are toxic. You notice a situation like this starting to become an issue and it's slowly getting worse. 
How would you handle this situation?:
I would warn them and tell them to type !motd so that way they can understand the rules and if they do it again i would warn them one last time and if they dont listen i would ban them

You accidentally slay someone that didn't need to be punished. They proceed to get mad because you made a mistake. How would you resolve this situation?: I would resolve the situation by slaying myself 2 times to make it fair.

There is a report where someone was killed for door blocking. The map changes and you can no longer view the death scene and the report is a "he said, she said" ordeal. How would you determine if the player needs to be punished or not?: First i would try to get both sides of the story before i slay and if they don't give me a good explanation i will ask another staff member if they are online and ask who's fault it would be.

If you were ever demoted because you were inactive or the staff has had a lot of complaints about you, how would you react?: First i would ask about the complaints and then i would try cause less trouble and if i was inactive i would try to be more active try to contribute more often.

RE: Itachi Staff app - Ktex89 - 09-29-2019

+1, Fun to play with, and can be on in mornings which is really good. 
(also very colorful)

RE: Itachi Staff app - [CC] Lurtle - 09-29-2019

+1, Known very briefly but has turned out to be a really cool and genuine dude. fun to play with and cool headed.

RE: Itachi Staff app - One Bar - 09-29-2019

+1, great memer

RE: Itachi Staff app - Leftenant Commandant - 09-29-2019

+1 Sure why not? Hopefully this will be a competent one.

RE: Itachi Staff app - Based Link - 09-30-2019

+1 pretty cool guy and seems to care about the server a lot. Would be great especially if he continues to stay as active as he is currently

RE: Itachi Staff app - Trash - 09-30-2019

-1 overly friendly, seems sketch.

RE: Itachi Staff app - Clover - 09-30-2019

+1 all around a fun guy to chill with

RE: Itachi Staff app - [GL]Pooders - 09-30-2019

+1 because itachi is a lovely man

RE: Itachi Staff app - Lily - 10-01-2019

  • Has been respectful to other players.
  • Itachi doesn't seem hotheaded. Albeit my time around him has been short lived, he hasn't risen any red flags yet when it comes to temper and levelheadedness.
  • While you have been active on the server in the short time you've been here, it just leaves a feeling that there is more to be desired. I feel like you should spend more time in the community, take your time instead of forcing it..

+0  I want to see you get more involved in the community, and just be a part of it for longer before seeking a staff position.