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The Nut Goblin Ban Appeal
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Your Steam-ID: 76561198108019593

In-Game Name at the Time of the Ban: The Nut Goblin

Reason for the Ban: "consistent rdm"

Banned By: Danny, i'm assuming. "(unknown)"

Ban Time Remaining: Perma

Why Should You Be Unbanned?: The rdm, most of it at the very least, was targeted at a real life friend of mine, I▬David▬l , who t-baited me a few times in the beginning and ended up getting me dished out slays for the wonderful occasion. I did not mind, its what my friend group does, we rdm each other for jokes and find it funny, no hard feelings, right? It seems like that was not the case with him, so every instance in which i killed him i received a report and was denied any form of forgiveness. We also spent time in a voice chat, along with a couple other members of the server i'll currently leave unnamed. We rdm'd each other a lot for fun, and knew the consequence, but when it came to him it was treated as sin which i absolutely hated. David is the type to get angry and not forgive for even the simplest mistakes, which happened often. Currently, he's blocked me on steam, discord, and stopped playing Carbon Castles since receiving the "good news", which he enjoyed very proudly and made it clear he was happy he was the reason. There IS one other instance that I massed, but that was genuinely just me being scared. I walked into a room where two people were fighting and shot one of them, the other also died in that moment, then another person walked in and shot, and another, and another. Shitty luck on my part for sure, but it happens. I was willing to take my hour long karma ban, specifically for the mass I had committed. I'm not against punishment, but if its over a real life friend being a sore loser over things and constantly t-baiting and shit talking in our voice channel, I feel the need to say something about it.

I'm not saying things are going to change, i'm sure there is gonna be an instance in the future where i'll end up accidentally shooting an innocent and pay the consequence, but I am saying that there is nothing here I cant have others testify for if needed. I just want to play on this server with my friends, the community is nice and relatively forgiving, I'm not getting a perma over a butthurt friend.

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