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Andorus Ban Appeal
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Steam-ID: STEAM_1:1:49753220

In-Game Name at the Time of the Ban: Andorus

Reason for the Ban: Mass rdm and leave'

Banned By:BoggedHydra61

Ban Time Remaining: Permanent

Why Should You Be Unbanned?: Because I'm genuinely sorry and I won't do it again, and Carbon Castles is a pretty cool TTT server that I want to rejoin and play on again. Also, the ban time for RDM and leave isn't permanent, so that's wrong...

+1 You sound genuine in your response which is more than most people who appeal. Assuming you get the unban, just be careful when you're on because a second unban is highly unlikely.

[Image: iaYvp7l.gif]
First off it was mass rdm and leave not just rdm and leave which is a perm ban, also you have been toxic since you've been on constantly mic spamming and trolling with your friends, this was just the last thing you did to get yourself banned, i would say -1

[Image: giphy.gif]

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