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Ban Appeal
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Your Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:78076736

In-Game Name at the Time of the Ban: gustavo rockque from bigtime rush

Reason for the Ban: teaming

Banned By: boggedhydra61

Ban Time Remaining: perma

Why Should You Be Unbanned?: i was messing around with some of my homies and I defibbed them as a traitor when they were inno which is what im assuming the ban was for, we werent in a discord call or anything just screwing around in game chat

gonna be honest id take the ban if it were 24 hours or even a week but i got permad which doesnt exactly make sense. the other person who got banned received a 1 week when she has been karma banned at least once previously and this is literally my first ever offense. she has barely hours played and I have ~10 days in this server.

oh also 

[1:26 AM]Pingu:    Sara look    I just talked with koukla and she agrees you shouldnt be banned    
so having both sides of the story    
BOTH saying you shouldnt be banned    
bogged fucked up    
I literally dont even know what to say    
I'm trying to fix this asap
i asked them to unban you as well

nvm literally every staff and moderator in game ageres the ban made 0 sense. bogged straight up needs to be demoted. thanks again to the staff for the speedy response in the discord

Ok so i accidentally perma banned you because in the menu i thought it would keep the parameters i banned sara for and the ban menu defaults at perma ban, it is now a week ban.

Onto to the week ban, you defibed sara which sara then kosed koukla who killed sara (and sara knew full well that koukla was innocent), so sara was helping the Ts by calling a false kos and also not killing you when she was revived. Also blatantly reviving an inno is teaming

-1, your just going to wait out your week ban

then... why did you call a kos on sara if you knew she was innocent as well?

+1 on unban. Parties involved aren't upset enough for them to be banned then it should let go in my opinion.

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