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Ufelement Staff App
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Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:50575059

In-Game Name: Ufelement


Time Played on the Server (Please include your Gametracker Link): OR Minutes Played: 13566

Age: 23

About Yourself : I'm very laid back guy, that like to play TTT in my free time.

Do you let your emotions get in the way sometimes?: Emotions have no place in moderation roles. I'll go strictly off logs.

Do you own a good mic?: Yes

How active can you be (day to day)?: Very active. When I'm not at work I'm usually on this server.

What time are you usually on?: Depends on my work schedule but the most active times for me are evenings, late night, early morning.

Are you staffing any other servers?: No

Staff Experience: Administrator on UrbanGamers darkrp.

Why do you want to be staff?: There seems to be shortage of active staff on the TTT server.

Why should we choose you?: I'm very familiar with the rules and nuances of this server so I feel I would be a great fit.

There are a lot of times where there are misunderstandings over RDM or times where people are toxic. You notice a situation like this starting to become an issue and it's slowly getting worse. 
How would you handle this situation?: As stated above I will go strictly off of logs or What I personally see. Any toxicity will be dealt with accordingly whether that be a gag, slay, kick, or ban.

You accidentally slay someone that didn't need to be punished. They proceed to get mad because you made a mistake. How would you resolve this situation?: Remove said slays/refund T pass or points as well as a x2 slays on myself and apologize.

There is a report where someone was killed for door blocking. The map changes and you can no longer view the death scene and the report is a "he said, she said" ordeal. How would you determine if the player needs to be punished or not?:
Strictly off logs I'm not playing the he said she said bullshit.

If you were ever demoted because you were inactive or the staff has had a lot of complaints about you, how would you react?: Disappointed, but if was warranted I won't hold a grudge.

Never had an issue with him. Hes pretty darned active. Cool guy +1

Ufelement has always been a good dood on the server. Never had an issue when i was staff and I'm glad he applied. Def a +1

+1 PogFish


Cole can never headshot me in 1v1s but hes a good and lighthearted person
He'd do just fine as a Slay Grunt

+1 havent been on in a while but from what i remember he was great to play with

[Image: FPS66Iz.gif]
We could always use more nerds on staff +1

[Image: tenor_15.gif]
Application Accepted

Please get ahold of an Admin or Jr. Admin for further instructions.

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