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Cockledoodledoom's ban appeal
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Your Steam-ID:

In-Game Name at the Time of the Ban: Cockledoodledoom

Reason for the Ban: "Everything" i.e. toxicity- Calling Qwuanty a slur and massing 

Banned By: Goken

Ban Time Remaining: Till the heat death of the universe

Why Should You Be Unbanned?: I was banned a like a year or two ago cause I was toxic one night. I regret it and would like to rejoin the community. My friends have been playing on there and have really integrated into the community and I would like to join them again. I apologize for the trouble I caused Qwuanty and the rest of the community and I can promise it won't happen again. Thanks in advanced!

As one of his friends who has integrated into the community I know he means what he is saying. Ive known cockle for close to 5 years now and i know that behavior is not typical for him and i want him to join the community. I know im bias so i wont plus or minus but i will say that i feel he deserves a shot at join us and can become a member of the community. Not being able to join your friends while there all playing gmod because you made a bad decision one night a year ago can let you reflect and think about your behavior then and change it.

Let's be real, I got banned for the same dumb shit and I got a second chance. Hell, even someone who was cheating got unbanned, so I think it's about time we unbanned the true homie and let him play again.

Appeal Accepted

Please do not make Keyson and I regret this.

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