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Patryk Ban Appeal
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(03-25-2020, 11:13 PM)Spancer Wrote:
Quote:Hello Dog, I dont remember any RDM as if there was I wouldve been slayed by the numerous staff members that were online at that time. Please if you do have any proof of this I would LOVE to see instead of accusing me Smile
Slays just mean that you were reported for rdm. Not that you werent RDMming. I dont like your attitude. I dont want you here. -1 
Thats my fault didnt know about that one. And thats fine if you dont like my attitude, i dont mind that.

(03-25-2020, 10:22 PM)dogs are awesome Wrote: I actually did look through logs from last night and realized that instead it was your buddy who was rdming a whole bunch. So my bad on that front. However, my understanding is that you said that you were ghosting, and if we wanted to keep you banned that was the most you had done. So if you really never did hack and we can't find proof to it I could definitely support a reduction of ban time.

Yes i will admit to the ghosting part as I was in a discord call playing with him and chilling. If thats what im getting banned for so be it because I actually did do that.

I apologize for jumping to the conclusion that both of your were hacking given the evidence i had at hand i felt both of you were doing this. Now im willing to plus one your unban but your friend is a absolute no, i was watching your friend primarily and he had so many things stacked against him i won't change my mind on that but you on the other hand i just saw some stuttering and a lot of nutty shots i admit i may have made a mistake.

Appeal Accepted

You've been unbanned effectively immediately. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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