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Hey guys! Itsa me, A-A-Ron!
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Hey guys! I'm Aaron, I have played a lot of TTT in my days and enjoy it a lot.  I found you guys about a year ago when a few of my friends from Dinks came over here and said it was a lot better.  I got on and was playing a bit this morning and realized they were right.  I am still currently staff on Dinks but am trying to find another community to play with so I will probably bounce back and forth.  I hope to get to know all of you!

First off, Welcome to CC! 
We have had a good bit of people come from dinks and stay here and a good bit who come back and forth. Welcome to the server and enjoy your stay!

[Image: F5cV3ga.jpg]
Welcome to the server! I hope you enjoy playing here!

stay here forever... or else...

Hey, Aaron!

My first impression of you was a wonderful experience.
I look forward to seeing you on the server in the future!

God-tier reference, A A Ron.

What's up brotha. My name is Tim o Thee so there's a thing in common we have I guess?


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