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Hey all! My name is Marty or Martin. I currently work for the Department of Homeland Security. I'm an avid gamer and quite familiar with TTT and many other games. I am always down to play a game or whatever. If anyone ever wants to talk, feel free to message me. Currently in the Administrative Process for this server. Looking forward to hearing from you all !

I am also 25 years old. I graduated with a bachelors in Criminal Justice. I am very avid on a number of topics. 

Favorite Games: GMOD, RUST, Valorant, and much more 

Pets: 1 pet rabbit

ask me anything!

Got the pleasure of meeting you last night, you pretty chill, look forward to see what you can bring to the server and welcome!

[Image: ph3l8ss.gif]
Welcome to carbon, hopefully the toxicity keeps you here for awhile

welcome to the community gamer

[Image: FPS66Iz.gif]

Welcome! Can't wait to abuse you in game <3

[Image: YaraYara.gif]
So basically an ace attorney

Let's go, being a government worker must be pog.


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