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90% me talking about community 10% Brainstorm server ideas
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So where to start, this server has pretty much been the poster child of my pc gaming for almost 2 years now. It's crazy how I remember sitting down on my laptop awaiting to play on this server with all of you guys. Now I built my pc and I am thinking back to all the times we all had. Anytime I needed to get a fun loving server that welcomed anybody. Whoever was a regular back then and who is a regular now I thank you, you guys are the heart and soul of the server. The server is well moderated and has tons of special and unique things to offer. But as of lately it has been dying unfortunately, I do believe we can help it though. I really think the server isn't recognized as much as it should be, it needs some publicity. *So as a community I feel we should either spread the word or brain storm ways to publicize the server*. I've been playing a lot of other games with my friends lately, that's why I haven't been on but my return is soon. I enjoy everything on this server from the slomo wins to the RNG shotguns. I would hate to see this server go under, it happened to another server I was apart of. I can't figure out what other servers have that we don't have ( not trying to say we should copy ), other than 4,000 add-ons for no reason at all. But seriously I appreciate all of the staff and what you do and, the players for bringing the vibe and life to the server. Pingu, Goken, Aluras, Ufelement, Jay, and turtle, real OGs there are a ton more I can add but they already know who they are. Some new people I see on often are Cobb, Pog goopers, Depressed ( I feel like I remember you back then but not really ), and timthebull. I really can't thank the community enough for making the server and the time on the server memorable. I hope we can revive the server <3

Community look for * and lets get some good ideas!!!
P.S. Ariana Grande and Drake the rapper skins.

poggers skins bro. id cop the drake skin ASAP



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