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fuffypandauwu unban appeal
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Your Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:60798078

In-Game Name at the Time of the Ban: fuffypandauwu

Reason for the Ban: aimbotting

Banned By: Piper

Ban Time Remaining: idk but it was probably permaban

Why Should You Be Unbanned?: Yes, I was using aimbot. But I only used it for a bit, and never to win games. Also I regret using it because I really like this community, and I still want to be a part of it. I promise not to use aimbot anymore (or any hacks of course) because I already feel bad about it in the first place. You don't have to trust me, but I'm just asking for at least one more chance. (also I miss my bf dogs are awesome uwu <3)

Fuffy has been incredibly nice. So much so that after he was banned I dmed him on discord to understand what exactly was going on, he was extremely respectful to me and told me explicitly that he felt bad about hacking so he turned his hacks off. He was meshing well with the community before he got banned aswell, even staying active in the discord after he was banned. I really trust that he will reform as a person and cease the hacking. +1 from me.

dogs are awesome
As long as he says my name correctly I will +1

(06-07-2020, 09:31 PM)Gemini Wrote: As long as he says my name correctly I will +1

fine ill call you gemini

He is really nice and respectful person. A fun player in-game and voice chat. Should give him one more chance.  +1

I will +1, as a former hacker myself (It's been a while [A year ago]) so people can change, I would say give you a chance since you atleast admitted to it.

[Image: ph3l8ss.gif]
im not gonna + or -1 but i do have to say i'd usually -1 on a hacking ban appeal. you seem genuine so i wont -1 but if you do get unbanned i want you to understand there are no second chances.

I don't know who you are, but I love hackers, +1.

Appeal Accepted

Your ban has been reduced to one week.

We have decided to give you a second chance, but like stated by others a second offense will not be taken nearly as lightly. Please take the week to consider the situation and we hope to see you back hack-free. 

[Image: tenor_15.gif]

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