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Wrongfully Temp Banned
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I was playing TTT and was accused of toggling with my rifle because I didn't aim in I tried to explain that the rifle does not need to be aimed in cause its same accuracy hip fired they then said I'm wrong and held a vote to temp ban me Morpheus started the vote and everyone went along with it. also a player named omni rdmed me 2 times and was only warned. I asked them to watch the scene but they wouldn't listen to me I feel I've been wronged when i was just playing the game and would like some kind of retribution if only a apology from Morpheus or him being talked to. the kill was at around 11:15 i dont know if you can rewatch the death scenes but what happened was it was on Minecraft b5 under light house Morpheus had been kosed I go down there behind him and another player named Adam was down there they were lined up and i shot missed Morpheus and headshoted Adam then fired another shot and missed Morpheus then fired once more and killed him.


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