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Brown Jr Aimbot
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SteamID (of person needing ban):STEAM_0:1:63804286

Reason for ban (please provide lots of detail): Aimbot (A lot of people can testify to it but Im not sure if the video I have is conclusive enough for evidence since it's only one instance and I had to leave shortly after it was pointed out he was aimbotting).

Date/Time this occured: 7/5/17 around 2:45pm

Evidence (pictures/video):

It's difficult for me to say he was hacking based off a 12 second video where he shoots once, it does seem it goes for the headshot consistently so I'm leaning towards banning him but if anyone else was there that has more information I would appreciate it. Thank you for the report Avi sorry that you had to put up with this at that time.

Thank you for the quick response. I figured it wouldnt be enough for a ban, but still wanted to bring attention to it, especially considering doing a quick search of his steam id, hes been permabanned on other servers for hacking and caught by cac.

Definitely, I'll talk to Miss about this when she gets outta work. More than likely will be banned. Thank you Avi Smile

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