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Nvidia Possible 20 Series vs. AMD Vega
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Probably only tech people will want to talk about this, However, Opinions? I think the red team might actually have a shot this year if the Vega turns out to be as good as all the hype, however it's also pretty interesting that Nvidia is rumoured to have series 20 announcement in Q3 of this year, for a release towards end of Q3/start of Q4 of the year. Series 20 is rumoured to have roughly a 5-10 percentage increase in performance over the last series, which was already a pretty good series filled with top of the line gpus.

Considering I picked up my GTX 1060 3gb this past winter, I'm not anticipating purchasing a 20 series card. Perhaps when next years 30 series cards from Nvidia come out I'll be interested in upgrading, but I've seen a respectable bump from my previous GTX 550 Ti to my current card to be content with it. I will be paying close attention to AMD, However, as their Vega cards may prove they can go toe-to-toe with their rival once more.

There was a leak after my post concering the Vega "Gaming Chip"'s specs, it boasts performance slightly above that of a Founders Edition GTX 1080, yet still falling behind when it came to the 1080Ti, Honestly i'm not quite sure i'm willing to leave Nvidia to go to AMD when they haven't shown much activity in the last few years, and some of their software has had problems that remained unfixed for a long time. Honestly though, that might change because my current setup is actually pretty underwhelming due to my early 2012 mid-range hardware.

Though I have Nvidia and Intel hardware, if it wasn't do the really specific circumstance, I'd be going full team red right now. I feel like since AMD is finally getting off their ass and trying to prove to the computing market that their chips and cards can dance toe-to-toe with their competition, they are going to need all the help they can get. I've used a Ryzen machine, and it was amazingly fluid and fun to use. I feel like we need someone to wake the slumbering giants that are Intel and Nvidia.

[Image: b_460x42_C000000-000000-1F2642-8790AE-FF9900-FF9900.png]
I do agree with that statement. Intel has been abusing its near monopoly lately by releasing new generations with performance improvements as slim as 3-5% and still upcharging hundreds of dollars extra for a performance improvement that slim. I feel like the entire GPU market is too unpredictable right now because of mining, but processors are just overpriced as well because of Intel basically having a monopoly and using it to sit around and release new Gens whenever they feel like it rather then actually putting strategy into it.

Actually its probably going to be the 11 series of gpus for nvidia not 20, since it went from the 900 series with the 980 to the 10 series 1080 it would only make sense to go to a 1180, Also hopefully they dont name the titan the titan x or else im going to call it the titan x vista (since the current one is titan xp)

I think they are going with 20 instead of 11 just for branding/marketing.

well i think going with 20 series is a bit dumb plus what happens after the 90 series are they going to go with 10080 and then are they going to go with 20080 then 100080, see if they continue with that trend its just fucking stupid, i mean i relieze thats the name now but its just dumb where as 1180 makes sense since its the 11th series

if they get that high they will probably just change how they count, or add a suffix and start over


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