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Top 10 Favourite Games
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Title is pretty self explanatory, but what are your 10 ten games of all time? Try to briefly explain why you placed it that position as well. I think it would be pretty Neat to hear from as many people as possible!

1. NBA 2k11: One of the first games I ever played back in 2010. I still play it up to date and love it so much. Basketball being my favourite sport really got me into this game. I've also broke my 7 year old copy at least 8 times and have spent a lot of money to continuously resurface it.

2. Pokemon Heartgold: Another one of my childhood games that I really loved to play, this game really got me hooked on the Pokemon series. I have fond memories of playing it with my brother.

3. Skyrim the Elder Scrolls V: I played this game a bit when I got my first console but never got really into it. I've come to really enjoy it over the years especially after I figured out how to item edit the console version.

4. Geometry Dash: Hands down my favourite phone game ever. I love the idea of it and the music too. The creativity with some of the custom levels that people create really amazes me. I also am really happy because my best creation has 10,000 downloads up to date.

5. Star Wars Battlefront II: Another game that I have many great memories playing with my brothers. I put many hours into it and remember finding all the glitches and map exploits to stomp on the ai.

6. Super Smash Bros Melee: A really old game but still incredibly fun. I always used to play it with my brothers and their friends and have a great time doing brawls.

7. League of Legends: I admit this kinda is a lane choice however, I enjoy playing it with my friends and climbing up the ranks. I have dumped a lot of money/hours into the game sadly, but at least the game is fun.

8. Luigi's Mansion: I used to play this game on the GameCube and it was always a great time. I have a lot of great memories playing the game with my brothers and actually used to always get scared of the ghosts even though they weren't scary at all xD

9. Tony Hawk American Wasteland: Yet another GameCube game that I played a lot with my brothers and their friends. I remember every time we played I always felt like I was going to die from laughing so hard because of how glitchy and some of the wipeouts.

10. Google Play: Piñata Anniversary Minigame: Pretty much my 8th grade geometry class in a nutshell. Me and my best friend would always play it instead of doing our math, always trying to one up each other. Even after about 4 years I'm still trying to beat her score every now and then.

[Image: tenor_15.gif]

In no particular order,

1. Half Life. One of the first games I ever played, and to this day it remains one of my favorite games. Its sharp movement and fun level design makes it pretty enjoyable.

2. Factorio. I don't even know how to describe why it's so good. It reminds me a lot of modded minecraft, but without any of the ghettoness. Expand, automate, fix bottlenecks, automate, and repeat. Nothing's more satisfying then finally getting a setup working.

3. Thief I and II. Probably the best stealth games I've ever played. The stories are interesting, the levels are diverse and unique, and the gameplay/movement is precise and relatively free-form.

4. Furi. Aesthetically pleasing, incredibly difficult (especially on furier difficulty) but incredibly rewarding. Great boss design, interesting little story.

5. Dark Souls (I, II, and III). Slow paced challenging combat, great level variety, and a fantastic amount of variety in terms of weapons and builds and armors. Online is integrated so seamlessly as well. The PvP in these games are also pretty fun, if a little laggy.

6. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. А ну, чики-брики и в дамки

7. FTL. Strategy, management, roguelite, pseudo-turnbased combat, and quite a depth of content.

8. Fallout New Vegas. Probably my favorite RPG. Easily moddable and lots of choice to make every playthrough unique. Writing is quite good (especially compared to FO3 and FO4).

9. Any of the Zachtronic games. Games like spacechem, infinifactory, and Shenzhen I/O. Incredibly fun and challenging puzzle-esque games where you have a set of outputs and a set of inputs, and you must use a generic set of tools to create a functioning solution. And your solution is 99% of the time entirely unique to you, which makes it so much more enjoyable.

10. F.E.A.R. and it's expansions. Extremely satisfying visceral combat combined with 'intelligent' AI (read: good level design and smart AI execution) and with a lot of little things (like lights moving dynamically as you shoot them, walls get 3d holes punched into them by bullets, most props are moved realistically by explosions and bullets, etc) makes F.E.A.R. pretty damn enjoyable.

Not too sure about the order apart from number one.

10. Pokémon LeafGreen - One of the first games I remember playing, and it is where I started my Pokémon journey.

9. Super Smash Brothers 4 - Smash 4 probably one of my favorite fighting games (despite me not being very good at it)

8. Octodad: Dadliest Catch - Octodad has an interesting and fun gameplay.

7. Overwatch - It is a fun FPS to play with friends every now and then.

6. Starbound - It is like Terraria but with space travel, so I like to return to it every so often.

5. Pokemon Sun - It wasn't until Pokémon Sun that I even understood natures and EVs and such, but now, I love battling others.

4. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team - A game I played on the Game Boy and that I only recently replayed, I love the characters and story.

3. Super Mario Sunshine - Probably one of my favorite games from the GameCube with fun gameplay.

2. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle - I fell in love with the Chao Garden. The main game was mainly just for getting stuff to power up my Chaos. I grinded the Tails racing level so many times for rings. However, it was all worth it (probably).

1. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon - This one probably isn't too much of a surprise to some people, but I absolutely adore this game: the characters, the story, the music, and the gameplay. More or less, this game is responsible for my love of Ampharos (plus a few other Pokémon).

[Image: tumblr_om6szfiB3h1qioqevo1_r1_500.gif]
My favourite games of all time in a specific order.

10. Jak 3 - A real classic of my childhood. Literal years worth of fun.
9. Red Faction: Guerrilla - I absolutely love destruction engines and Guerrilla has one of the best.
8. Fable: The Lost Chapters - Another classic of my childhood. This introduced me to this style of video game and I fell in love.
7. Bully: Scholarship Edition - An amazing game that does everything right.
6. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Not the biggest fan of these type of games, but this one has such a unique way of doing things, that I instantly loved it
5. Saints Row 2 - Sure, it's not GTA, but that's what makes it great.
4. Just Cause 3 - A beautiful game that never gets boring. 
3. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - The best game of the series. 
2. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - The best game of the series.
1. Borderlands 2 Game of the Year - While the standalone game is an amazing game, I think many of the DLC make the game signifigantly better and enough to make it my favourite game.

>Red Faction: Guerrilla
>Bully: Scholarship Edition

Oh man, how did I forget about these? I played both of them on the 360 way back when, those are some great fuckin' classics.
I wish more games had destruction engines like Red Faction Guerilla, or that the next RF games featured the same focus on demolition. R6: Siege is the only modern game I can think of that has free-form destruction, even if it's an entirely different genre. All of Battlefield destruction is scripted (ends up in the same state every time) and no other game I can think of bothers to add any destruction to anything but props.

Also I wish rockstar did more non-GTA games, like RDR and Bully. They're so fresh compared to a lot of other games. I'm hoping RDR 2 is as good as (or better than) the first one, though rockstar isn't exactly known for making shit games.

1. Halo 1- Reach. I played through the story and was hooked from the start.  3 being my Favorite from the series.

2. Battlefield 3. Loved the dynamics and physics of the game. The multiplayer ate a lot of my time and I have no regerts.

3. Fallout 3. Not as good as New Vegas but I have a lot more memories playing this one. Plus you can blow up an entire city so whats not to love.

4. Pokemon. Basically had all of them growing up. Ruby and Sapphire Being my favorites just because I played them the most.

5. Borderlands. The first game is the best in the series by far. The story was so much different to anything I've ever played and it'll always stick with me.

6. GTA 4. The first gta I decided to play the story all the way through, and it happened to be the most in depth gta ever. The decisions you have to make made younger me struggle.

7. Conker's Bad Fur Day. If you haven't played this game you should stop what you are doing and play it.

8. ES VI Oblivion. My first experience ever with an ES game and I loved it. I mostly played Shooters growing up and this was so different from those it made me play Skyrim and a little of Morrowind.

9.  Portal 2. I love puzzle games and this is one of the best. The story and co-op are great and even though it'll never happen because valve are valve, I would love a third installment.

10.  Forza 3. I love racing games and this tought me a lot about how cars can be tuned and how to make them faster around a specific track. Nerdy shit right there.

Top 10 games you say?

一 Star Wars Battlefront 1 (2004) This game was my first shooter when I was that young little Asian boy. Which lead me to play this shitty game called gmod :3

二 Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) When my mom bought me this game for the xbox and I saw a 2. I already knew, I was going to play my ass off on this game for sure lmao but not as much as the first though

三 Halo 1 Next to Star Wars Battlefront, this was one of the games that I would play with my cousins all the time. Playing capture the flag, king of the hill, etc.

四 Burnout I wasn't a big fan of racing games, but when this came out, I fell in love. How I would love the destruction and chaos of this game “ψ(`∇´)ψ

五 League of Legends Every Asian should have played this game. All I remember was me sucking ass at Cassiopeia, still loved it. AKALI MAIN HERE

六 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm I love anime and I love Naruto, one of the first animes I watched and when the game came out. I jizzed my pants.|

七 Counter Strike This game gave me cancer. Put me into the cs world and leading me to gmod. Save meh

八 Minecraft That blocky world, which everyone should have played, hated it or not.

九 Left 4 Dead 2 When that Charger comes by and fucks you good ;3

十 Payday 2 Bought this game cause my fellow asian told me. Feel in love with the game. Robbing all them moooneys.

[Image: giphy-8-applebear123-41413125-540-300.gif]
Not really any specific order but 1&2 are definitely favorites.

10. Pokémon up until the 3ds games, never could really enjoy them on the 3ds. Heart gold was by far my favorite even though I started with diamond, and mystery dungeon was amazing as well.

9. Assassin's creed series, I've played through many of them and have replayed them so many times, there's just a certain aspect about the series that I loved and have loved for a while.

8. Watch Dogs, I played the first one when it was free on Xbox and immediately got hooked on it, completing the story in a couple of days. The gameplay was very enjoyable and the story was ok.

7. Minecraft, this game used to be a huge part of my childhood because it was one of the few games I was able to play with my best friend, who I had moved away from so had to keep in contact with over the phone. I enjoyed the huge variety of servers and things to do, but eventually got bored of it and moved on.

6. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, as you can tell at this point I like free roaming games. I'm not a massive fan of the lord of the rings franchise of the hobbit franchise but nonetheless I enjoyed this game a lot.

5. Garry's Mod, this is a game I love because of the massive amount of things to do and the community. Trouble in Terrorist Town is my favorite gamemode on Garry's mod and is pretty much what I mostly play when on Garry's mod.

4. South Park Stick of Truth, I really enjoy this game and I haven't finished it yet, but I loved the tv show and the game is extremely fun. You can replay it multiple times as different classes as well.

3. Terraria, this is a game that I've played for a long time and have enjoyed. There are so many things to do in it and adventures to have, and it's actually challenging compared to some other similar games.

2. ARK: Survival Evolved, my favorite game along with #1 on this list, this game combines three of my favorite things; dinosaurs, survival, and video games. It has a large player base and many players, so you'll never find a time when you're alone. This game is amazing with friends and still very good on your own.

1. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, I'd have to say that this is probably my favorite game, I can't really describe why exactly, but it is one of the best games I've played, it's not as great without friends but it's such a great game with friends because of the laughs and the competition you'll have.


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