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Ban Request
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SteamID (of person needing ban): STEAM_0:1:124597366

Reason for ban (please provide lots of detail): Repeated RDM to me as soon as the round started Me did this with him (assuming friends) tried to get Emo to help with this. It went on for a while before I just got off and made these ban requests. It's really aggravated because it ruins the server and the game for a lot of people. 

Date/Time this occured: 11:30-12:pm

Evidence (pictures/video):

I have already replied on your other thread, but just so you know in case you were unaware, you created two identical threads, Try not to do this in the future as it makes the situation a lot more confusing.

I believe this thread is a ban request on rattlesnake, the other being a ban request for "Me."

^ what he said

Ah, I actually thought that they were the same but turns out I opened the same thread twice in a row (Because they have identical thread names) in the future if you are going to post a ban request it's probably a good idea to put the name of the person you want banned in the thread's title such as the previous ban requests (or just say it before/after the steam ID) . My mistake for thinking it was a double post though, that's completely my fault, For some reason I just found it hard to understand.

im going to be completely honest, rattle has a big problem with rdming

[Image: giphy.gif]

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