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Plz unban
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Your SteamID: I cant find out

Server you are appealing for: The amazing Carbon Castles

In-game name at time of ban: killconfirm54, mybadbro2

Reason for ban: I was being an ignorant "racist" to other people online. I was honestly doing this as a joke and I took it too far and got IP banned along with one of your staff members because I was over at his house.

Banned by: lolninjacat

Ban time left: Perma

Why should you be unbanned?: I understand what I was doing was very ignorant and rude among other things. I promise that it will not happen again. I want to be able to play with kyle because he is always playing TTT. Also I miss goth.

You can find your SteamID via a service like this one: (
SteamID for livetodie54: STEAM_0:1:151659140
SteamID for killconfirm54: STEAM_0:1:70907672
Can't find profile of mybadbro2.

Ya know, going on your alt and joining the server just shows that you're ban evading. That and being all toxic is not a very wise choice. -1

[Image: giphy-8-applebear123-41413125-540-300.gif]
+1 give him another chance please. Free my niggy.


Don't be dumb or it'll make kyle look bad. Don't ban evade again. Don't troll. Just play.

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