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MothCrotch Hacking
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SteamID (of person needing ban)STEAM_0:0:116686399

Reason for ban (please provide lots of detail):

So I have been looking to MothCrotch's hacking accusations and here's the evidence I have collected as well as a frame by frame analysis commentary at the end of the video.

As you can tell in the frame by frame analysis his shots are extremely weird and after playing it back it looks like he is using Aimbot. I don't know about X-ray or Bhop scripts, but he is most certainly using aimbot.

The reason it took so long to get this evidence is because he goes AFK after a couple rounds for multiple maps at a time.

I can't ban him, but here is the evidence needed to ban him for hacking.

He was also apparently banned from Dinkelburg's TTT server for hacking as well as this one.

Date/Time this occured01/11/2018

Evidence (pictures/video):

Ban Request Accepted 
Especially for what happened at 2:10 in the video. 
He's welcome to defend him self here if he wishes or make a ban appeal but I see no reason not to believe that's not hacking. Especially since he's getting headshots without even moving his cursor.

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