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January Giveaway!
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Every month we will be doing a giveaway!

For the month of January there will be TWO winners to celebrate our one year anniversary this month!

1st Place:

[Image: news40167_17560-lose_track_of_time_on_oc...unches.jpg]  +  [Image: Getting%20Over%20It.jpg]

2nd Place:

[Image: header.jpg?t=1513098859]  +  [Image: header.jpg?t=1504192593]

What you have to do is: 
- Comment on this thread.
- And then proceed to join the Steam Group:

You may only comment ONCE per DAY until the end of the giveaway.
On the date listed below at 12:00 AM EST, the thread will be locked and the winner will be chosen randomly!
So be sure to come back and comment every day to increase your chances!

This giveaway is for everyone! 
But you must have at least 5 hours acquired on the server on the week of the giveaway as well as being a member of the steam group to qualify!
( We WILL check for both before the prize is given. )


Please for your first comment if possible; write why you enjoy CC and why you continue to come back!
I'd be glad to see peoples feedback! =)
Thank you so much for supporting Carbon Castles this past year!

oh shit
entry one

i joined CC looking for a TTT server to play on after not playing TTT for like 4 years.
i server hopped for a bit and ended up on this one, since it always had pop and wasn't like, ultra autismo
everyone was friendly and forgiving (for the most part), and it felt nice and laid back. plus it wasn't 24/7 minecraft, that's a huge plus
i keep coming back because of the great community, to be honest. most, if not all, of our regulars and staff are great people to play alongside of and to share time with
back in my peak playing i never really got on with the intention of being on for the next four hours, but the people (and the one deags) always made me just lose track of time
literally the only negative experience i ever have on the server (besides the standard TTT fare of annoying boys and RDMers/ghosters/hackers) is just frustration from shotguns. everything else is a good 
thanks for hosting, supporting, and managing the serb and community

Numbah twooo

I joined this server originally to test if my css textures worked, and hl2 textures, but it was fun when I joined with our most active staff member, jyle, and had lots of fun! I abandoned the 24/7 mc server I used to play on and played on this a lot, and came to this one, it is chill and has fun players. Then I became supp (thanks to brian) and was glued to this since!

pl0x pl0x

u r very nice Smile

[Image: latest?cb=20161215221807]
yes Confusedonicdab:

carbon castles IS AMAZING, best server.jpg i will always play here. also, gimme the win

Hey, it's me.
Solid community, friendly players and staff. Wink
Active owner with some solid updates!

I joined carbon castles when it was still really new and found the people to be alright. Been coming back since. Then I learned its fun to meme danny and I ain't leaving anytime soon now.

i come back for the memes

Friends and Players that prefer to have fun over going full tryhard.

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