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What are your favorite game genres?
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Sure certain games are people's favorites, but there's always a genre of games you can find someone returning to day after day. What's it for you?

For me, stealth is where it's at! I love the tactical nature of it, finding the perfect way to get through the mission without a single soul noticing, the cool gadgets, the dynamicness (new word! Tongue) of the levels, the high requirement for perfection. EVERYTHING! It all started with Metal Gear Solid 4, because I was fortunate enough to start at the most convoluted (but best) game in an already complicated series, but I ate it up and now MGS is by far my favorite series! I must have played through that game at least 30 times. I could go on for hours about all this, but what about you guys? Big Grin

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MMO and that be


(even though its garbage)

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First-person shooters, it's hard to believe right?
I play mostly R6S these days but I do have quite a history and lots of time put into CS:GO
Started way back with an early Medal of Honor game.

I tend toward survival type games, mainly horror. It's usually either that or a racing game.

My all time favorite game genre would definitely have to be the strategy genre, with a big focus on RTS. From Age of Empires to Sid Meier's Civilization I am a fan of all strategy games. The strategy genre is what helped pushed me to get into PC gaming. usually you can find me wasting many a hours on medieval 2 total war (Even though its a decade old game) as it has such a great modding community even to this day.

Mainly command and strategy games like civ, SWFOC,and Command and conquer mixed with a bit of first person shooters like halo and cod

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Wow there's a lot of love for strategy based games! I like some of em but some are too hard for me unless I put tons of hours into em (Civ cough cough). So far I've only really like fire emblem and FF Tactics Advanced. Definitely love FPS too, Aluras. That's maybe my second favorite genre Tongue
Horror / survival is good too, gotta love Alien Isolation and the good resi evils XP

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I've never been big on variety in gaming, so I don't know a lot of the genres specifically. I would assume for me it would be RPGs or whatever Pokemon is considered, which I assume is adventure RPG. I enjoy FPS games, but I feel like they're way too competitive for me to consistently enjoy without getting pissed off over small things every now and then. Single player or multiplayer "PvE" type games work best for me.

Yeah Pokemon is definitely an RPG , and it's GREAT! Big Grin
As far as I know, adventure RPG would be like Zelda and Dark Souls, but I definitely get what ya mean. Same with FPS, CSGO and CoD were very triggering when I played those competitively XD

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I'm weeb trash, so I like to stick with JRPGs, Turn Based RPGs, and Strategy RPGs
Huh, I guess I should of just said RPGs I suppose...


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