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Xanadu (And other accounts) Ban Request
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SteamID (of person needing ban):

Reason for ban (please provide lots of detail):
Uses alt accounts, harasses players and is currently banned for RDM and leave

Date/Time this occured:
June 26, 2018 - 4PM central he admitted to getting on via an alt to evade a karma ban and began harassing and RDMing at 5:20

Evidence (pictures/video):
You guys have evidence of logs of two players on one IP - i've got nada

While I can't help out with saying anything about the alt accounts, he did have a large tendency to be OVERLY toxic; calling people faggots and many other insulting terms when they have a differing statement towards him. If someone RDMs him, whether it was an accident or not, he will report them, keep the report (which he should do) and when they are in the game again, attempt or successfully RDM the person in nearly the same fashion they killed him just to get back at them. I was one of those victims, admittedly. Accidental lapse of judgement due to me playing at 2:30 in the morning and being sleep-deprived. So, all and all, he is just very toxic and a heavy revenge RDMer.

i can confirm that he probably was ban evading (couldn't get definite proof that he was banned on his alt since by the time i got on, his karma ban probably expired, but he without a doubt played on two different accounts)

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