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It's time to STOP!
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Alright so I know many of you are familiar with a term on this server which can be considered either "cute" or "funny" but shouldn't be allowed as it is very annoying. People tend to produce this noice when they are excited or enjoying something, as when Goken gets on or Their scared. Their is a particular individual that produces this noice when faced with an extreme amount of joy and/or euphora. I shall not named this person out but their name rhymes with Kay and is feminie. This very.... devious word, or sound is considred "owo." Please for the love of all holy don't continue this treasonous, horrific, gruesome, demonic, malevolent and satanic form of vibrations that is emitted from your vocal box in a certain tone. This is getting out of hand, and I'm pretty sure many others can agree, that we need to put this insane and horrific sound out of this game entirely, its for the best!

Thank you for your time,
         Kindzix  Heart

I feel like I have sometime to do with this. uwu

(07-11-2018, 08:00 AM)Oni Slayer Shishou Wrote: I feel like I have sometime to do with this. uwu

All i ask for is communication amoungst the mass of individuals on this wonderful server, I simply don't want to have these people intoxicated by these Blasphemy sounds. I simply want communication and consideration of my task of removing this unlawful sound. Good day sir *tips fedora and respects woman*

Epic meme my guy.

Can't stop the uwu gang. B)

Good luck with this, I've tried to get it to stop for ages. >_>

Owo, what's this?

Term is big gay

I don't uwunderstand, what's the problem? owo


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