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SCUM - A Survival Game
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10/10 Would recommend SCUM if you enjoy taking steamy shits over open flames with the boys. 

[Image: pq15hcH.png]

I've heard mixed opinions on it, so I'm hesitant.

(09-07-2018, 05:14 PM)[CC] Danny Wrote: I've heard mixed opinions on it, so I'm hesitant.

If you have every played DayZ standalone you know how janky and annoying the gunplay and movement in that game is, SCUM is much better in that regard. The zombies in SCUM actually work too as apposed to DayZSA. There is a little bit of a lack of content in my opinion, but if you want to loot up and kill people you can do that right now. Since its early access it's kind of forgivable and they are planning to have lots of world events and activities and missions (kind of like the events in ARMA:3 Wasteland if you ever played that.) There are also some network issues with desync, but again, early access so im sure it will get worked out.

I wouldn't get it if you plan on playing it alone, these types of games are super boring alone, I always am playing with 2-3 people. If you are even interested in the game at all, you'd be better of getting it now because its only $20, they said the price will eventually go up. I like the game, but I like the more hardcore survival type games like this, its kinda up to the person to try it and see if they like it.


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