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Why I play games
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Very fun, why do you like games?

cause i get to play with yah <3

I meet cute e-girls (like Goken <3)

they serve as a distraction from my life constantly falling apart

zoo zoo zooby zooby zoo

check my soundcloud bro
i just dont have to focus on everything else around me thats shit

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
i talk to cool people who distract me from the constant anxiety

it makes me not go off the deep end into insanity, also i meet a lot of nice peeps

I do this to prevent myself from having suicidal tendacies, and I find some friends and try and make other people happy.

Honestly I believe the reason I play video games is to escape this shit hole of a world we live in these days. Being able to act as if I was someone else, for example a terrorist planting a bomb (CS:GO), or dropped into a world where I have to survive on my own crafting and smelting (Minecraft). It is always super cool to meet new people that share these same ideas as I and to just chill after a long day of whatever and just play some video games with some peeps.

"I only play video games so I can bully people like you guys" - xyz

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