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My OLD videos
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So, I used to play a lot of CS:GO, like a lot of it. These videos come from when I was only 14/15 years old and you can kinda see the quality differences between them, note all kills are mine with my past usernames. White Dragon and Helios etc. I really put a lot of effort into the game at the time and really loved the videos I made, please enjoy, obviously the quality is pretty lame with the music, but what could you expect from a young teenager.

So we begin our journey in September of 2014, with one of my more famous shots, that was even considered for a Sparkles YouTube video, a colat kill through my teammates leg and killing two players.

Moving on (Note I left a lot of videos out) one month to October 2014. This is an ace I got during one of my first ESEA games, at this time my RWS was floating around a 14, so I was on my way to some pretty hard games.

Now fast forward a little over half a year, in between then I had slowed down my messing with friends and joined some teams, here is a clip from one of the rare games I played with my friends, nothing special, but I just enjoyed this kill on this (buggy) map.

This last video, was made right before my change to the name Sphax and my entry to a competitive team, I was playing some mini games with some friends from a team named Agent.
Pretty insane shot here, don't know where or when he was to this date.

Anyway after these videos I slowed down and began to stream a lot more, I was on a team named SHiNE eSports for a few months, before being benched as the team transitioned into Swarm and then Swarm was bought by Naventic, and I was dropped from the roster.

Here is all I have that remains from my adventure.
[Image: 8u4qJFO.png]

This is actually super sick. That last video is nuts

Telling from your old videos you seemed to enjoy vanic x flay. Lmao.
That last shot tho. God damn.


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