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Uhhhhhhh yes hello, it's so hard to make introductions. Some of the nerds here know me from the other hills I come from. I'm a mainly PropHunt weirdo and recently got into TTT, I love it. It's fun. I like books and Deagles. Oh! And Miku. She's cute. 
Okay now to the real stuff and not just me being extremly awkward:
I'm currently one of those cringey college kids in pre-med, I'm alive during the later afternoon and the majority of the night it's quieter. Books, I love books and the smell of new books (super weird). I have super crappy aim and a bad sense of humor. I'm a horrible person (reasons). 
Anyways, that is me, I'm Kuo or Kohono orrr...what's the other nicknames... S***** Kayak, S*** Pizza, Cheese Monster <~ there's a back story to that one, Kuonono, uhm there's one more. I can't remember it, Oh! Kanoli, this has kind of been sitting in drafts for a few weeks or so. See you guys on server! 
(Btw Karma's nut tastes like popcorn according to someone)

I could have gone without reading some of this....

welcome i guess

[Image: F5cV3ga.jpg]
(01-16-2019, 10:33 AM)JustKuono Wrote: pre-med

Absolutely disgusting

Hello there! Got nothing much to say but uhhhhh

Welcome to Carbon Castles!

[Image: giphy-8-applebear123-41413125-540-300.gif]


(01-16-2019, 07:57 PM)Pingu Wrote: I could have gone without reading some of this....

welcome i guess

Yeah I'm not good at introductions, my first one was a mess of mistakes

play more here >:c


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