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Illegal Spot Request Thread
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Go ahead and post your illegal spot requests below if anyone ever feels we missed or overlooked a spot that should be considered illegal on any of our current prop hunt maps.

Current list of illegal spots:

Please use the following form when posting:


Illegal Spot Location:

*Illegal Spot Description:

*The illegal spot description is only necessary if you feel a specific prop from the props list is required to hide yourself in said spot.*

Map: Ph_Crashhouse

Illegal Spot Location: The part of the course above the lake that requires the wooden platform to access.

*Illegal Spot Description: Props can get to the other side of the course if they're quick enough and can probably hide as a box somewhere the hunters can't see them. The hunters can't get to them since the platform was already used. The only thing the hunters can do is blindly shoot a grenade to even hope to get a prop.

Map: ph_clue_v2

Illegal Spot Location: Inside the wall under the painting.
here's a pic:


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