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Weapons Spread Sheet Feedback
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Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you guys the opportunity to contribute to some changes that may or may not be coming soon in regards to weapons on the TTT server.
So I went ahead and made a spreadsheet of the important stats regarding the weapons which is located here:

Any realistic / serious suggestions are welcome on this thread, I'd love to hear your guys opinions on what direction we should go with certain weapons.

Well the obvious change is the m16/m4a4. It's become basically obsolete at this point. It's supposed to be a "marksman"type gun yet suffers very hard from accuracy at medium to long range. Due to that, the famas can simply trump over it with its hugely superior dpm. I would really like to see the m4 come back. I think it needs a slight dps/dpm buff (increase it, but dont make it compete with the famas or mac10 or any SMG) and I would suggest changing the accuracy value to maybe a 0.016 or something to give it an actual edge in accuracy. This would open up a whole new playstyle to the server.

Also I feel like the famas and galil should have specific roles in game. Right now the galil is just simply worse than the famas. Solution: have the famas have more dpm, but have a 25 ammo clip, and have the galil have a 35 round clip, but have less dpm. You can sprinkle in accuracy and delay changes how you feel to these, but the famas meta is stale.

Dont touch shotguns, they are fine imo.

The HK is weird, it mixes a bit of accuracy with a bit of decent dpm, so maybe leave it as is? Maybe the HK should be the middle child of the famas and galil.

The ssg has a scope, yet becomes a joke once you go beyond short range. I feel like this gun should act more like a sniper. I like the idea of a large clip sniper. This would compete with the m4a4/m16 for accuracy, but I feel that with the advantage of a scope, the dpm should fall short of the m4a4 to reward players who can aim at longer ranges.

The same can be said for the Aug. All though I really dont want that gun becoming a sniper. Right now it's useless. I honestly have no ideas on this one, but it should at least have some role, even if not popular.

That's my thoughts.

[Image: F5cV3ga.jpg]
thog don't care, also dead post?

I agree with Pingu on the Famas. I feel like it's definitely in need of change. Lowering the clip size to 25 would be nice, it would require the user to have a bit more accuracy and not just be able to aim at someone and kill them because of a clip size. That or change the fire rate or base damage either way it needs some tweaks. 

[Image: tenor_15.gif]
Here's a link to the changes I actually proposed in an easy to read format with explanations

[Image: F5cV3ga.jpg]

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