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Poll: Re-introduce easter eggs to maps
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Revert some changes
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Alright, so I get that easter eggs "Can cause delay" but they add an element of fun to the server and without them, it's kinda lame. 
That being said, I think we should re-introduce them to the game. We have rules saying no delaying as a T, if T's do it they will be slain to discourage them from doing it again. This should be purely for the entertainment of inno's. 

Besides that, I think that some of the new maps are absolute dogshit compared to the ones they replaced.

Maps to remove (we lose a shit ton of players whenever we switch to them)
-asylum (this map is aids anyways since its dark as hell)
-pietsmiet (this map has no ammo boxes so if you aren't a donator you're screwed)
-intergalactic (map is just too large, and even if we bring a large population to it they all leave making it pointless anyway)
-space street

Maps to replace
-Redux - Replace it with the original Minecraft b5, it is much better

Maps to Add

[Image: iaYvp7l.gif]
The only easter eggs I removed were ones that prevented people's head's from being seen (The box costume on lifetheroof.), and one-hit props that insta-kills people on touch to prevent people from RDM or massing with them, and the map goal props that are way to easy to complete that causes rounds to end immediately (nuclear map with the keycard, prison architect, ect.). There is no need for these props. While they may be fun sometimes they cause more problems then not.

I can remove some less liked maps but at the same time all I ever hear is that we don't have enough lmao.
Pietsmiet had ammo boxes added but I'm assuming something went wrong noone made me aware of this.
Waterworld can't come back because it was removed because the framerate issues are ridiculous because the slide is 50,000 pieces.

But on your first point, I didn't remove easter eggs due to delay. I removed the ones that seemed OP, abusive, or ruined rounds.

B5 is really fun with the diamond blocks to aid in innos winning, they're usually hard to gather as some folk toss them in the water or lava. Asylum is too dark and spread out to be effect for T rounds, and leetwood makes people with absolute potato computers end up with a max of 10 fps.

[Image: lKgmiu4.gif]
I have a new move and it's called the yett

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