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Piper's Introduction
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Hey everyone!

Although I am not particularly new to the server I was going through my old posts and noticed I'd never made an introduction and being accepted to the staff team for another go I thought it a fitting way to get back into the swing of things. I've been playing on Carbon Castles for a few years now (not sure exactly how long) and have enjoyed every bit of it. Like I mentioned before, I have been a staff member of the server before not once but twice and through that experience I met and got close to a lot of the awesome members of this community. I haven't been super active in the past few months and have only gotten really back into GMOD and TTT rather recently. So in an effort to get to know some of the newer members I'll tell you a bit about who I am Wink

My name is Piper and I’m an 18 year old girl from Cali. My interests include athletics, math, physics, and of course gaming. I’m a Freshman in college majoring in physics and am currently taking a semester off to sort out some things in my life. Afterwards I intend on finishing my general ed and transferring to get my masters. In the meantime I’m not doing much besides staying close to family and hanging out with friends. On another note I am deathly afraid of spiders and any other crawly thing that's out to get me. I’m also borderline addicted to coffee and have trouble sleeping (probably no connection?)

Anyways I look forward to meeting you guys, see you on the server!

wait so you aren't a robot...

I feel betrayed 

Welcome back to cc bagpipes

[Image: F5cV3ga.jpg]
You're scary...
welcome back ^-^

[Image: lKgmiu4.gif]
I have a new move and it's called the yett
Thanks you two Smile

And no, hate to break the news this way but I'm not a robot.

It's always nice to see more friendly faces around the server. It's good to have you back. Big Grin


This is crazy. I logged in to post about how I enjoyed the time spent in previous years with everyone, and here you and Sly and Puma (so far that ive seen) are all making an intro.

To the future, hope to see you all again,


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