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sox's Ban Appeal
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Your Steam-ID:

In-Game Name at the Time of the Ban: sox.

Reason for the Ban: Attempted Mass RDM.

Banned By: Senor Bean 

Ban Time Remaining: Permanent

Why Should You Be Unbanned?: It was my first time joining and I saw a guy who had a Pokemon creature following him, it was my first time playing on a heavily modified TTT server so I had assumed it was a custom T weapon so I killed the guy who it appeared it was following. I was then instantly perma banned after it was found out he was innocent. I feel bad because I didn't understand all the add ons and what not it was a lot to take in for a first time joiner. I feel I was banned because he thought I was just some sort of one-off Rdming jerk. I want to learn more about this server and become a member eventually I would really hate to be banned from such a interesting server. I like the fact you guys have sprinting and unique plug-ins in between matches. Anyway, I feel this was a really negative way to start of the relationship of server to player. However I think we can move past this and I can learn from this experience and be a little less trigger happy :3 thanks. Sox. I'll also take a slay or even a shorter ban if that would be better.

I was on at the time but didn't really see what went on, but based on this I don't mind leaving a +1

[Image: tenor_15.gif]
So you and your friend netro had been on the server for about a map and a half before this had happened. He was being kinda toxic in voice chat but everything was fine. Then you both were next to each other and decided to shoot at everyone. I walked up on you two shooting at someone. After that person was killed you two both turned on me and started shooting. I killed your buddy and then you started hitting me. I was then killed by derpy ren and then you were killed by the T. 

These are the logs

From what I saw while playing it looked like you both were trying to kill everyone on the server and then leave so i banned before anything else could happen. I'll take you at face value and give you a +1 to be unbanned since you seem genuinely like you weren't trying to mass and leave.

thank you I appreciate that, my friend isn't as concerned with being unbanned atm as I am, but perhaps in the future he will change his tune. 
I appreciate that you are willing to forgive and move forward with my appeal process. I look forward to playing on the server again and getting to know some of you guys better.

You technically didn't mass rdm so this doesn't really warrant a perma-ban.

Ban Appeal Accepted

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