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My Name Is...
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Hey, everyone. I thought that making a thread like this would be pretty fun to do, so allow me to explain:

Basically, I would like to know why you chose your username. There's typically a reason, some meaning behind every name that is chosen for oneself. It could be very simple, sort of like mine, or there could be more complex meaning behind the name, as another one of my old aliases was. Feel free to explain your usernames down below if you'd like to.

For my example, I will explain why I chose a name like "Tea Wrecks" to be my "identity." A while back, I had gone by a name that was a lil more complex in reasoning than my current alias, and I was looking for something as a possible alternative in case I ever got tired of that alias, or if I felt that it was time to retire it. At the same time, I also wanted to create a name that was appealing to me that would fit with my currently exhausted dream of producing music. The few ideas I generated stuck out to me a lot, such as "WHY NOT" or "v0n" or "LOA/N-172," but these were also a little more personal as opposed to something I saw as more appealing to others in "Tea Wrecks." The meaning behind this name meant more to me than the others for a few silly reasons: As someone who doesn't have a very strong sense of humor, I am easily amused and intrigued by puns. "Tea Wrecks," in case you already didn't know, is a pun on the species "tyrannosaurus rex" or "t-rex," simply put. Why does this pun especially stand out to me though? I've always been fascinated by the prehistoric species of dinosaurs, especially the t-rex. I also have an almost unhealthy obsession for drinking tea. And finally, as a gamer, I have to put something menacing in my name just to flex how awesome I totally am, and so "Tea Wrecks" was an absolute go-to name for me to use. There you have it.

Alright, I had "Two" usernames that being said they are Sooyaa & Abyss. I chose Sooyaa because I like the flow of the name and it's easy to say but most people can't really pronounce it though. It's also because I stan a Korean singer. Now The Abyss, the Void, The Nothingness. I've always liked the mysterious gap of what it wields within it and it sums out like half of my personality. But my name really comes from the Dark Souls series, everything about the Abyss has intrigued me and especially with Sir Knight Artorias. One of the four knights of Gwyn, the walker of the abyss. Gaining his title "AbyssWalker". The Wolf Knight of the Abyss is one of the best bosses I've fought and he never lets me down in a battle. His lore... A knight who stays dutiful to his code is why I chose the name "Abyss". If this were medieval times I would want to walk in his path.

[Image: source.gif]
Well, my name has one of the more complex backstories out there. So prepare to go on a ride and try to stick with me through these complex twists and turns. So my first name is Ian, and my birthdate is March 22nd. Putting 2 and 2 together gives you Ian 3/22. If you combine these 2 and take away the / you are left with Ian322.

I can't even really remember why I chose the name "Piper". For the og people you guys will remember I used to go by "Noodlez" which was a play on one of the members from the band Gorillaz (which i was obsessed with at the time). People pretty much knew me as Piper since forever ago so they would always call me it and later I adapted my steam name to fit. However spoiler alert, it's not my name :o 

[Image: tenor_15.gif]
My name Selena.

panjo banjo mango bango has always been Pingu. Pingu was most definitely my favorite show as a kid and I'm sure we still have the old dvd's with all the episodes on them. Back when Minecraft was first coming out though, I had my mom sign me up with her email and she gave me the username Pingucasey (my current favorite tv show at the time + my brother's name) and I stuck with that account name for a fat while. So when I came to steam it was pretty natural to just adopt Pingu as my name as that was what I was used to being called. 

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: iaYvp7l.gif]
Yay I get to talk about this some more!

I decided to go with Gaius because when I first started playing on steam I needed a name that wasn't as cringe as my old PSN and at the time I was really into the ancient Romans, particularly about Gaius Julius Cesaer so it became pretty easy to choose. The name Gaius meant "To rejoice" and I felt that resonated well with me. The Lvl 88 part came years later after watching a meme video and I just stole that idea like I do with all my memes.

Buzz is my actual nickname, nearly everybody calls me it. I was really hyper as a kid and I reminded my older brother of a buzz-saw so he started calling me Buzz when I was 6 and the name just kind of stuck. I capitalize the z's because several years later unrelated to my nickname, by chance my brother earned the nickname of Puff when one of his friends started calling him it because he grew a big puffy beard his freshman year of high school. Anytime he would use his nickname as a name tag/handle for a game or whatever he would capitalize the f's (PuFF). Being a little brother, I thought it was cool and started doing the same for my own nickname, hence BuZZ.

Just like BuZZ, Turtle is also my actual nickname. When i was in second grade during gym class all the kids in my class had to do this like race thing or something and i was always the slowest so then my friends started calling me turtle and then everyone in my class did too but i didnt mind it at all because i dont like my irl name so i was fine with it. To this day even my siblings and friends still call me turtle.

i got the name cipher from two sources, i was working as cyber security so a lot of the time i was doing a lot of coding and de-ciphering, as well as an old game STWOR had the agent class called cipher9, so i just found it ironic to be cipher since thats what i love to do.

[Image: giphy.gif]

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