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Ban Appeal
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Your Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:94470914

In-Game Name at the Time of the Ban: ツ T I G E R™ ツ

Reason for the Ban: Attempted Mass RDM and leave

Banned By: Unknown Ban

Time Remaining: Permanent

Why Should You Be Unbanned?: I was karma banned before I could carry out my slays, thus the "leave" portion. As for the mass rdm, I killed 2 people. 2 innos were shooting each other, I waited until one died and was ID'd before killing the other person. Then later, I thought I got shot at while ID'ing the body so I shot someone. Had I not been karma banned I would have carried out my slays should the player had desired. I believe I should be unbanned because the kill was justified, however even if it was not, I would have carried out my slays if not for the karma ban.

   Alright where do I start. Ahh yes, and yes I was the one who banned you even if you got karma banned. I’ve taken the time and made the decision to make your ban permanent. Throughout the times I’ve been on and played I’ve seen the way you play. Many of those actions you’ve committed did not go by the rules. I gave you many chances for you not to do the things you do but you insist on doing so. For example being toxic in chat, spamming in chat, killing people when you don’t give time to Identify the body, damaging people to near death, just damaging people in general, killing of suspicion and calling it “logic”, loads of false reportations and just blatant RDMs without valid reasoning. This explains why your karma is so low in the first place, no?
I was on the other night witnessing your so called “Attempted Mass RDM” (damaging 3 people of 10+ dmg) I was going to let that slide and just move on, guess not… There was a time earlier that day where I was a Traitor and was standing near a detective’s body and all I did was look at you and pulled out the deagle. You killed me for it.... Reported you and your reasoning was something like “You were standing near a Detective’s body, died to a deagle and there you are with the same deagle. It’s some csi type of logic shit.” There was another time where you RDMed me again as a Traitor saying “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought it was still pre-round.” Like really… 4 seconds passed buddy. My favorite part is when you got karma banned oh yes. We killed the Traitor on ttt_roy_the_ship, gave no time whatsoever to UnknownKyber to id the body. There goes both Kyber and my head. I thought you just left after the killing so I banned you permanently. Karma banned or not I handed you MANY chances just to see them all go down the drain, I pity you.
If you think you deserve “More” chances don’t ask me, ask the community. I’ve had enough, no apologies here. Done Deal, Case Closed.
If you were wondering what my status for this appeal is, well here it is. -1
Good Luck. - Screenshot of your last presence with Evidence & Screenshot of your attempted Mass

[Image: source.gif]
ツ T I G E R™ ツ isn't malicious nor do I think they want to cause issues. That being said though ツ T I G E R™ ツ you are kind of rough to play with at times. I like you and if you do get unbanned, you need to chill on the rdm and reconsider how you play the game on this server a bit. I don't believe you have ill intentions and that you are capable of taking criticism into account and apply it to how you play on here. +1

BuZZ said it really well, I think you deserve a second chance +1

[Image: tenor_15.gif]
BuZZ and Piper I really appreciate the feedback. I will take your criticism to heart and change how I face and play the game.

Appeal Accepted
We hope to see you on the server better than ever!

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