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Bear Sama Intro
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I'm known as Bear or Bear Sama, but a few people call me Jake (real name), some maybe know me as "TheCerulean" my old alias.
I'm a 19 yo college student, I am currently studying pre engineering with a focus for Nuclear Engineering. I currently reside outside of Detroit in Michigan, I will be transferring to MTU (Michigan Tech University) soon.
I'm 6'5 (sorry gotta flex) I weigh around 270 pounds. I have a baby face, and I was born in Seattle. I am of Dutch heritage. I was a pretty good at Football and Lacrosse and even had some offers to play college for both before I broke my foot multiple times (bone disease)
I now play club lacrosse, but if you into football or other sports let me know I love talking about it!
I started gaming as a young lad when my older brother got the first generation Xbox, I quickly picked up Halo and I cherish the early Halo games to this day (Halo Reach for PC hype!)
I now mostly play FPS and MOBA games on PC with a sprinkle of RTS on top. I used to be a pretty big Destiny 2 fan but I am now waiting for shadow keep to play. I play csgo semi frequently and I love Battlefield (all of them).
I own a 2018 Honda Civic type R and a 1992 Subaru Imprezza STI type R (version V) the subie is imported from Japan so it's right hand drive. I like cars a bit so you can talk to me about it
I watch a ton of anime and movies, I took alot of film classes so I like to talk about lighting and sound design of movies. I dabble in music production aswell. I also am a PC fanatic, I build machines for people, so if you want part advice you know what to do.
If you ever need anything or just want to talk, don't hesitate to shoot me a msg, i respond pretty quick.


Hey man, Great intro, Nice job. 
Welcome to the staff team, you seem pretty cool

aside from the anime shit B-)


It's great to have you here as part of the community and the staff team. We haven't talked really but hopefully that will change in the future. Hope to see you around!

[Image: tenor_15.gif]
fucking weabo trash onlyy bought the wrx to look like bunta from initial d

Glad to see you on here! Hope to see you around enjoy your stay! There are plenty of weebs around here.

[Image: YaraYara.gif]
Welcome to the community!

[Image: tumblr_om6szfiB3h1qioqevo1_r1_500.gif]
Hey, welcome to the family! Raider Nation, feel free to hate me for it.

[Image: 814464e2a35c6f09d6edc8d2d3f7b5b5.gif]
BRO NO WAY. MICHIGAN TECH GANNNNNGGGG. I'll be a freshman next semester there. A new type r huh. Import normie ;D. Cya around and welcome to the community.

[Image: F5cV3ga.jpg]

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