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Portly Ban Request
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Portly: [font]STEAM_0:0:80299298

Reason: Harassment, trolling, spreading false accusations (whether he means them or not), and just being toxic . 
             Yesterday (6/24/2019) I was playing on TTT with him, Brittany, and several others. Brittany was talking in her mic with what I presume to be food in her mouth, so I made the sarcastic remark of "There goes Brittany talking with a mouth full again", which was making an admittedly sexual reference which everyone got. She didn't mind the joke and laughed it off. Meanwhile, Portly (who was saying Brittany was 13. Whether he actually thinks this or not is unknown) was saying how I should say that to kids, then proceeded to call me a pedophile over and over again. I (obviously) denied that and told him that Brittany was older than me, therefore deeming her not a kid. He wouldn't believe it, and proceeded with the constant insults of calling me a pedophile. 
             Now, typically, on a normal day in my life, I would shake his constant comments off as jokes and leave it at that. But, and as some people in this community know, I was and currently still am fighting through false sexual allegations of pedophilia against me. I pointed that out to the whole server yesterday when I was trying to get portly to stop, but he still refused to stop until UnknownKyber got him to stop (still appreciate it, bb!!).
             Then, today, I was getting frustrated with the game because my internet is shit and I kept lagging every now and then when it mattered most, so I sarcastically (and, I admit, with a bit of edge), said how I am gonna leave because the constant lag is pissing me off. He then went on to say "do it, pussy" and (because I was still annoyed with him from yesterday) told him to stop being a cunt 24/7 (he had still been making sarcastic comments towards me today, but none about pedophilia, so I shrugged em off). He then repeated what he said, and then said something like "mad cause someone caught you diddling with kids again", and thus, he began the false comments once again. I told him that it is not true, and that I wish for him to stop, and yes, I did say things that I shouldn't have said, which was extremely toxic of me, so I apologize for that, but I said it anyways because he was pissing me off (you will clearly see what I said in the evidence). Pink was telling us to stop the arguing, so I did, and then, rather than continuing the argument, went here, because I do not believe that jokes like these, especially towards someone actually going through something like that, should be permitted to such an extent as to constantly continue them. 

Date/Time of incident: 6/24/2019-6/25/2019 (can't provide specific time due to not remembering. Sorry)

Evidence: I do not have evidence from yesterday, unfortunately. UnknownKyber defused the situation yesterday, so if needed, you may consult him if he will allow it. 

Evidence for today (it should be in order)[/font]

I was there yesterday for the start of it. I tried to help get portly to calm down and I thought it had worked. Moving on to the screenshots and what happened today. Based on all this I think it's very fair warning and portly went way too far. "Memes" like this are intolerable especially because we've also made it public that there is 0 tolerance for this. With all that said... The way you responded was very inappropriate. Yes, I understand he was berating you and it's a horrible situation. But telling someone to kill themselves and they should literally die... Really? Personally I think that is just as severe. There is no reason whatsoever that you should resort to that, ever. There was staff on at the time and you should have come here much sooner. We make it very clear to players that they should come to staff first in these situations. Because obviously saying those things to another person does not help at all. This puts things in a rough spot. I agree with all this being said, portly should be banned. I very explicitly warned him yesterday which there is also proof of (will attach that.) But by no means whatsoever are you above the rules, the way you responded was incredibly toxic. Both times this has happened there has been staff on and even if there wasn't that does not excuse how you reacted. I'm going to leave a +1 because portly was obviously in the wrong and took things way too far, but so did you. If this ever happens again never resort to that ever, contact staff and they will handle it.

[Image: Garrys_Mod_6_25_2019_11_38_02_PM.png]
(This is from yesterday when portly first started making those "jokes")

[Image: tenor_15.gif]
Upon looking into this more after Velka had to say something for the second time because of portly, I'm going to make the decision to ban portly indefinitely after consulting the staff team on this issue. Portly has been nothing but a problem for other players and ourselves since he joined the server it feels like. After digging for only a few minutes it became pretty clear he has no conception of what is ok to say and what is not. Again, this isn't all on portly, you could definitely have handled the situation better Alpha but for the time being, we're dealing with portly right now so I'll save my energy because it looks like Piper has already told you that. I'll post links below to everything I talk about so if anyone is curious to check they are there. While this situation started out with portly mud slinging names and calling Alpha a pedophile, it, unfortunately, is much more than that. As I said above, Velka has had to ask us multiple times to deal with portly and at that point, it becomes a problem. Portly felt like it was a great idea to ask her how much she weighed and that he was into big women. Velka did the right thing by not responding and simply asking us to deal with it which was done at the time. He would later ask her again the same question a few days later and this is the point where I became concerned because it appeared Portly didn't learn from the last time that there are certain topics/subjects/questions that are simply off limits. Moving on, portly would later to go on to call Alpha various unacceptable names while he was offline as seen below, not exactly great player behavior. Portly has shown his little regard for others feelings/well-being plenty of other times, but I'll just let you all read for yourselves. I've already gone into more detail than I think is necessary. That being said, as of now Portly is permanently banned. Thank you.

[Image: F5cV3ga.jpg]

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