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Funny Man Ban Appeal
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Your Steam-ID:  STEAM_0:0:207175249

In-Game Name at the Time of the Ban: Dong

Reason for the Ban: Trolling/Toxicity

Banned By: Piper

Ban Time Remaining: 1 Week

Why Should You Be Unbanned?: All I was doing was a funny voice and a funny act with my fella and got banned. The funny moments consisted of "Ya mother" and other mother comments. We even had a duel once. We did this for about 2 and 1/2 games with Piper in each game and not afk, and then during the last game he told us to stop without a reason or a warning and banned us right after. I feel like this ban was unjustified and a warning before it would have been a proper warning rather than a ban right off the bat.

Just like your friend you also chose to lie which on top of everything is even more reason as to why you deserve to stay banned. Not only have you lied about not being warned but it was not "your mother" jokes you were calling people on the server "whores" constantly. I gave you very clear warnings which you obviously saw. Because after you turned on me and started calling me a "whore" as well. You were also calling another player obese multiple times just the map before. You refused to stop so you were banned -1

[Image: Garrys_Mod_6_26_2019_8_02_42_PM.png]

(Here are the warnings that you saw and lied about)

[Image: tenor_15.gif]
(06-27-2019, 03:16 AM)Piper Wrote: Proof is putting a picture of messages from chat without context to back your claims? No other players had a problem with it and at least 4 were playing along. I think if anything you should be thankful that the chat wasn't "Uhhh KOS Yoinkers" "Sus Dong" "Why are you hurt Piper?" The obese comments were not directed at any player and you didn't tell me to stop. If someone took offense, could they not have reported me? Not sure how the system works but I feel like that would be more of a logical solution than just assuming someone was offended by it. All you said was "Dong stop now" and "last warning drop that act", which could have interpreted as ingame comments if you werent a big brain man like me. You could have PMed, warned, or even been more specific with your warning in chat. I think it was out of pocket to just ban us instantly. We werent hurting anyone unless someone was hurt by us calling eachother's mothers whores. Im not gonna tell you how to do your job but I dont think this was handled correctly. You also banned Yonkers, without even mentioning him in chat. Only me.
[Image: Garrys_Mod_6_26_2019_8_02_42_PM.png]

(Here are the warnings that you saw and lied about)

I'm not sure why you would think no one would take offense. Personally I don't appreciate being called that so you can count me as one. You also were calling Brittany a whore and she very clearly took offense to it as well. My warning was crystal clear, what more could "drop that act" possibly mean? I also would like to point out that at first you said you weren't warned at all and changed your story to the warnings not being clear enough. And again, you saw them because you and your friend turned on me immediately after.

[Image: tenor_15.gif]
(06-27-2019, 03:33 AM)Piper Wrote: "Stop acting like a T if youre innocent" If you think turning on you is saying "Piper  you're a whore" with a clear comedic undertone and goal, then by all means we should be banned yea? He could have been defending me when you told me to stop. When the chat is a cesspool of people too close to their mics and someone says something like "Hey thats kinda mean" What I meant by "not warned" was literally warned, not "Dong stop". As in !Warn Dong Toxicity. 

If I tell you to stop what more do you want? The warning handed to you on a silver platter? Was it not clear that I wanted you to stop? Or am I missing something. And yeah I mean I guess it's my bad for taking offense to your terrible "sense of humor".

[Image: tenor_15.gif]
(06-27-2019, 03:44 AM)Piper Wrote: If I tell you to stop what more do you want? The warning handed to you on a silver platter? Was it not clear that I wanted you to stop? Or am I missing something. 

Mutes and gags should have been applied since it was just simple toxicity.

Look, I wasn't on at the time you were banned, but I was still aware of your toxicity. When Puma has to come to the admin chat to ask for help in dealing with you after you constantly called someone an obese whore, it really doesn't seem like a joke lol. I'm glad you two were having the times of your life but you need to be considerate of other people and what damage your words could have. While you may be more unreceptive to harassment, most other people aren't. So when you target someone and call them names, it isn't surprising that you get a consequence. I don't know how much more specific someone has to be to tell you it's a warning. Sorry she didn't write it in big bold letters and flash it on your screen 15 times? I don't see any other way those statements could be taken other than warnings. You definitely hurt a few people because even while I was on people were getting upset with how you were treating them. We shouldn't have to baby you through the whole process explicitly telling you "don't be a bad boy and call people bad names" it should just be natural. We don't give people warnings when they RDM so why should we give you a warning for harassment. A week ban is, in essence, your warning because she could very well have banned you permanently. Harassment is no issue to blow off and call a joke. As for Yonkers I was not there when whatever he said went down, so I have no comment on him.

[Image: iaYvp7l.gif]
I don't really see what a mute or a gag would have accomplished here. The reason I didn't was because there was a bit of a down period when they stopped just after calling me a whore. Which they started up right after the brief interval.

[Image: tenor_15.gif]
It should be 5000% common sense if someone doesn't like something especially if they issue some kind of warning.  I don't really know why it'd be a big confusion about warnings, that should be one of the things you shouldn't meme about especially on a public server

Not saying a mute/gag wouldn't be useful here, but it seems reasonable enough to not say any of that stuff

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