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Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to add some sort of anti-cheating software / program or bot or whatever you wanna call it to be implemented in the server. The reason is the fact that recent few weeks there has been some hackers ruining the server and eventually starts to provoke players of how "good" there are at the game and cause issues over all to the server. Now yes staff can deal when it comes to issues. But, sometimes it takes time for the staff to figure out if the player is legitimate or not depending on there game play. So adding an anti cheat software would be nice and yes I've seen a server long time had this feature of banning hackers automatically so having this feature would be nice in the server to have to avoid suspicion to legitimate genuine good players.

PS: Any misspell you find. Yea sorry, English ain't my first language.

The problem with adding an anti-cheat is that 1.) CAC is absolutely outdated to the point that it's irrelevant. Not to mention CAC lags like crazy now when everyone initially joins. 2.) The current anti-cheats that are out to my knowledge give a lot of false flags which is concerning and would result in people getting banned who shouldn't. One of the main issues regarding why there's been so many hackers of late is because: 1.) The summer sale is going on so there's a lot of new gmod players I'm assuming. 2.) The pop on the server has been doing significantly better and an influx of players means an influx of hackers. I'm not trying to make any excuses by any means. Just giving out my thought process as to why I haven't considered it.


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