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Clover's Staff Application
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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:127478218

In-Game Name: clover

Steam Profile link:

Time Played on the Server (Please include your Gametracker Link): 20 hours


About Yourself : I am a quiet person who loves to help others. I like to play many games and draw. Soon I will be going to get a coding degree.

Do you let your emotions get in the way sometimes?: No I do not

Do you own a good mic?: No but i am about to buy one this friday

How active can you be (day to day)?: around 5 hours a day

What time are you usually on?:12 in the afternoon

Are you staffing any other servers?: Not anymore the servers went down

Staff Experience: I have made my way all the way up to Admin before the owner had to shut down the server

Why do you want to be staff?: I want to be staff because i like the server and i love helping out on servers and sometime there are no staff when I am on around 2-7 am

Why should we choose you?: I can be on around the time staff is not and i have loads of experience 

There are a lot of times where there are misunderstandings over RDM or times where people are toxic. You notice a situation like this starting to become an issue and it's slowly getting worse. 
How would you handle this situation?: I would try to get both of the people to calm down and hear each side of the story. Use ULX to replay the rdm and punish the RDMer if need be.

You accidentally slay someone that didn't need to be punished. They proceed to get mad because you made a mistake. How would you resolve this situation?: I would apologize to them then ask them if slaying my self would suffice  or pay them what money i have.

There is a report where someone was killed for door blocking. The map changes and you can no longer view the death scene and the report is a "he said, she said" ordeal. How would you determine if the player needs to be punished or not?: I would ask the other members if they know what happens and base my judgement off of that or i would say i can't do anything without enough proof

If you were ever demoted because you were inactive or the staff has had a lot of complaints about you, how would you react?: I would accept my demote apologize to the complainers and try to apply again in the future after playing on the server for even longer

good guy is on a lot +1

+1 Hes very fun to play with and hes active. Good luck!

been on the server a few days, nice and respectful to everyone and has a good grasp of the rules. also has good taste in music. +1

Every time I'm on I always had a positive time when I'm playing with clover and I don't think I've ever done a report on them. I would really love to see them as staff. +1
Good luck!

[Image: 814464e2a35c6f09d6edc8d2d3f7b5b5.gif]
Application Accepted

While your application definitely could have had more substance to it I have no reason to deny it beyond that. So welcome to the team!
Please get ahold of an Admin or Jr. Admin for further instructions.

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