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ish's Staff Application
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Steam ID: 76561198135788459

In-Game Name: ish

Steam Profile link:

Time Played on the Server (Please include your Gametracker Link):
3 days and 11 hours

Age: 17

About Yourself : I’ve played TTT on multiple servers over the span of 3 years and I believe I have a good sense of staffing and enforcing rules in communities I am apart of. My personal life consists of multiple leadership roles around my school, which involve planning school events like dances, sporting events, etc.. Teen council, which is a group of students who teach 9th graders sexual education and the importance of sexual health, as well as LGBTQIA. Lastly, I am part of a committee in my district called BSAC. Which is the Beaverton School Advisory Committee, which is a union formed by district who choose 2 students from each school to hold monthly board meetings to discuss issues around their respective schools and district. We later participate in board meetings with administration to help them understand these issues on a more personal level, as well as to inform them on these issues to fix them.

Do you let your emotions get in the way sometimes?: No. I believe that when my emotions overpower my intuition, they help me to feel more passionate about issues that surround me. This helps me to understand the issue on a deeper level, as well to help myself self reflect on the issues at hand.

Do you own a good mic?: No, but I am planning to get one soon.

How active can you be (day to day)?: I usually play on the server daily for a couple of hours at a time. 
 What time are you usually on?: It varies from day to day, depending on when I wake up, but I usually start playing at around 1:00 PM (PST) for a couple of hours, then stop to take a break. I usually also play at night until the server dies down to around 2-3 players.

Are you staffing any other servers?: No.

Staff Experience: I was a recruit on Prestige Gaming for TTT which was a role below moderator. I regulated the behavior of players when upper staff members weren’t on, and I enforced the rules to players who were unruly. I was also a staff member on a fairly large Discord server called Anti-Social Society. 

Why do you want to be staff?: I’ve played on this server for over 2 weeks and I’ve gotten a good sense on how players interact with this community. I’ve gotten to know many players who are now good friends with me, and I’d like to maintain that level of respect among other players. I’ve noticed that there are a plethora of new players who come onto the server for the main purpose of trolling and disrespecting others. As a player who is on the server daily, I’d like to help fix these issues on a faster rate. I’ve also noticed that staff members aren’t as swift as they should be on answering reports, or dealing with toxicity on the server, and I’d like to be that person to help enforce the rules in a more stern attitude.

Why should we choose you?: I’d be a great addition to the staff team for 3 main reasons. I am a people person, it comes naturally to me when understanding the actions and motives of others, and I think this would be a valuable skill in staffing on CC. Secondly, I’ve come from a multitude of servers in my past, and I can easily get a feel for people who come onto the server with malicious intentions. Lastly, I believe that my experience on previous TTT servers and real-life experience would work well in favor of staffing on CC.

There are a lot of times where there are misunderstandings over RDM or times where people are toxic. You notice a situation like this starting to become an issue and it's slowly getting worse. 
How would you handle this situation?: First I would talk to the victim and try to understand the situation first. Reading the report would give me insight on the situation, but I would like to talk to both players for further information. I would talk to both players to try and understand the situation, and act accordingly to my understanding.

You accidentally slay someone that didn't need to be punished. They proceed to get mad because you made a mistake. How would you resolve this situation?: I would explain to them that it was simply a mistake. We are human, we make mistakes, it happens. I would tell them that I meant no genuine harm against them and I would apologize to the player for my actions.

There is a report where someone was killed for door blocking. The map changes and you can no longer view the death scene and the report is a "he said, she said" ordeal. How would you determine if the player needs to be punished or not?: I would talk to both players involved in this situation and try to understand what happened. The only way for me to effectively deal with this is to try and get the story from both players and deal with it accordingly. 

If you were ever demoted because you were inactive or the staff has had a lot of complaints about you, how would you react?: The only realistic reply I would have is that I would have deserved it. If I was demoted due to inactivity, that is my fault and no one else. If I were demoted due to staff complaints, then I would apologize for my actions and accept the consequences. I cannot change the past and my former actions, so I would just accept the consequences and reflect on my actions.

cute asians are always gonna get my vote. +1

Dedicated to the server, funny, knows the rules, mature, absolutely deserves a staff position and +1, gl buddy!

[Image: ph3l8ss.gif]
-1. He stole 250k credits from me by pretending to be an egirl and never gave them back! 

<but seriously, +1, mans seems to be aware of the rules, and even though he's a filthy eboy, is cool guy.>

Ishhyyyy I'd love to see you apart of the team you're really sweet and an eboyyyyy I feel like you'd be a really great staff. Heart +1 



+1 lets me crowbar bully him
Also he put a lot of effort into the application and he plays on the server regularly. Everything seems accurate and good.

+1  Knows the rules good player in the community also carries in CS fellow asian gang

[Image: YaraYara.gif]
Highkey a sweaty and bully on the TTT server

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