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Hi everyone,

I've been a long time (3ish years) player on the TTT server, even running as a supporter role / legendary /donator roles for a while. Last year and a half ago however, I quit. Not because I wanted to, but because of graduating High School and other personal things. Recently, I joined a server with CSGO, and it reminded me of the community I had made and missed from CC. I had a wonderful opportunity to meet amazing and hilarious people like Puma, KyleCaused911, Curtis, Bean, Koala, Sin&Yin, Turtle, Piper, C4D and so so many more (just naming not favoring Wink ). Looking back, I just want to thank you all for such an amazing time, it truly was a blessing. I'll try to stop in more from time to time, but I do miss it. Y'all got me through some rough times.

To the future,
and thanks

(Prev. Aliases IGhostDL, IGhostDoesLife, VwSxDivinity) Heart Heart Heart

Also, I've got to list Selena, Bogged, and Mr. Pink as well. If I forget anyone, I'll remember Smile

Heyy I'm glad you didn't forget us, hope you can get on more in the future. I'm glad we've been able to ease some rougher spots with comedy. Cheers Smile

[Image: tenor_15.gif]
Of course you can't forget our TTT, it's the best. If you ever need to relieve that stress just know that we're there.

[Image: 814464e2a35c6f09d6edc8d2d3f7b5b5.gif]
Hey wait, Puma, Das me B-)

Heart Heart Heart


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