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EnemyEZ's Staff Application
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Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:60425473

In-Game Name: EnemyEZ

Steam Profile link:

Time Played on the Server (Please include your Gametracker Link): 4 days and 4 hours (

Age: 19

About Yourself :  I've been playing Gmod (mainly TTT) on and off for the past 4.5 years. After my old community merged with TangoWorldWide and died a slow and painful death (the server ended up becoming 24/7 Minecraft), I took a break from TTT. This is the first server I've put any serious amount of time on since then. Outside of Gmod, I mainly play CS:GO, although lately I've been trying to get into LoL and Oxygen Not Included.

Do you let your emotions get in the way sometimes?:  I do have a bad temper, but I'm decent at managing it. When I'm mad I'll usually just hop off the server and listen to some music, so I don't act like a dick and ruin the game for other people. Since being unbanned, I've only really lost my temper once. I got angry at I Suck At Games, and blatantly rdmed him. I was angry for a few rounds, but afterword I felt bad and psay'd him an apology, although I think he was afk and didn't see it. I understand that what I did was wrong, and isn't how someone who wants to be staff should act. I haven't done anything like that since that incident, and I don't intend to do it again, even if my application is denied. I understand that you probably don't want someone with a bad temper as staff, but I have around 1.5 years staff experience on a large server, and I have never used my anger as an excuse to abuse my powers. If you give me a chance, I promise I won't disappoint.

Do you own a good mic?: Yeah, although I don't use it often in GMOD. I didn't have a mic when I first played TTT, and it's hard for me to break the habit of typing instead of typing.

How active can you be (day to day)?:  I'm honestly not sure right now. For the next few weeks I can be very active, but once I leave for college on the 23rd I will be on less. I expect I will be able to manage at least an hour or 2 everyday. My schedule should be almost completely clear on Mondays after 2pm Central.

What time are you usually on?: I'm currently on in the afternoon and late at night. Once college starts, I'll probably be on more early in the afternoon and less late at night.

Are you staffing any other servers?: No, this is the only server I play on.

Staff Experience:  I spent a few months moderating Trouble in Taco Town TTT, which later joined TangoWorldWide. I spent a year on Tango, climibing up the ranks to become the Head-Admin. I quit since I was bored with TTT and the community was dying. After a 1 year break, I returned to Tango as a Trial Mod, but the community had turned into complete trash (that's what happens when you turn your server into a 24/7 Minecraft) so I left after a month.

Why do you want to be staff?:  I've played on this server for a month, and I really enjoy this community. I've noticed sometimes there are a lot of people on and staff are slow to solve reports, which is one of the main reasons why I want to be a staff member. It gets kind of annoying when you've reported someone for RDM, and then they go unpunished for a few rounds, so you wonder if they just got away with it. It also really sucks when you get slayed a few rounds after you've accidentally rdmed someone, since by it's been awhile since you did something wrong. Also, I honestly just enjoy being staff on TTT. It's fun to help noobs out and slay people who are causing problems.

Why should we choose you?:  In my first week on Carbon Castles TTT, I made a lot of mistakes. After returning from being banned, I think I've shown that I am a person who owns up to and learns from my mistakes. Also, I usually get along with most people on the server. I don't start arguments, and I don't hold grudges for long. Third, I have a lot of experience as staff on a medium-large TTT server (1.5 years), and I believe I was a very good staff member. I managed to climb up the ranks all the way up to Head-Admin, I was great at quickly responding to reports, and I rarely made mistakes. Anytime I was uncertain of what to do, I made sure to ask someone higher ranked than me.

There are a lot of times where there are misunderstandings over RDM or times where people are toxic. You notice a situation like this starting to become an issue and it's slowly getting worse. 
How would you handle this situation?: 
 In my experience, when there is a misunderstanding which leads to rdm (ex. not familiar with rules), it's best to get all the information (to make sure it really was RDM), explain what the person did wrong, explain how they can avoid the situation in the future, and then slay them while being friendly and telling them it's probably a common mistake and it's not a big deal. If a person was being toxic, I would try to figure out why. If they had a specific problem, I would try my best to solve it. If they were just being an ass, I would try to joke around with them so they would be more friendly. If that didn't work, I would try to start a conversation with them in order to let them know they're being annoying. If joking around or talking with them didn't work and they were being really toxic, I would gag/mute/kick, depending on the severity and number of warnings they had been given.

You accidentally slay someone that didn't need to be punished. They proceed to get mad because you made a mistake. How would you resolve this situation?: I would apologize to the person and slay myself (twice if they were a T). If the apology and the self-slay wasn't enough for them and they were still mad, I would apologize again and then start ignoring them. Everyone makes mistakes, and there's no reason to be a dick about it.

There is a report where someone was killed for door blocking. The map changes and you can no longer view the death scene and the report is a "he said, she said" ordeal. How would you determine if the player needs to be punished or not?:  First, I would ask if any other staff had seen what happened. If nobody witnessed it, then I would talk to the accused player. I would ask them what happened, tell them what the accuser said happened, and then ask them if they're lying to me. If they still refuse to admit guilt, then I would carefully watch them for any rdm during the next few rounds. I would apologize to the accuser, since I don't slay people unless I'm sure they've broken the rules.

EDIT: I'm kinda tired and didn't really think this question through. Most likely, the person doing the shooting would be getting slayed since they shot an inno, unless someone admits to lying. The  logs would show what looks like rdm, so I would go off that. I'll leave my original answer since I think it shows my thought process well.

If you were ever demoted because you were inactive or the staff has had a lot of complaints about you, how would you react?: If I was demoted due to inactivity, it would be my own fault. If I couldn't bother to play on the server, why would I care about getting demoted? Worst case scenario, I might be a little salty, come up with an explanation for my absence, and then reapply. If enough people complained about me that I was demoted, then I would probably deserve the demotion. Still, I would try to explain my actions and do my best to remain staff. If I was completely removed from staff, then I would most likely take a break for awhile before returning and reapplying. I would try to learn from my mistakes, so that I wouldn't make them again in the future.

You seem gamer enough +1

I was on when you first got on and were being consistently toxic, and if you were still acting the same as you were then, it would be a definite -1

But, Since you were banned, you've came back with minimum staff disrespect, and you've been fun to play with. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing you added to the supporter list. +1

+1 Super fun to play with and is very good on the server.

Application Denied
Your answers were thought out but your time has all but vanished as of recent so I have no choice but to deny this.
If you end up returning to CC feel free to re-apply.

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