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It was fun
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Hello, everyone. I know that this isn't a thread I NEED to make, but I'm gonna make it anyways.
As of this moment, I am no longer going to be playing CarbonCastles, or video games in general, as often as I used to, if ever again. Tomorrow afternoon I will be driving down to my college to officially move in and start my college education. I am not bringing any games along, plus, I intend on stepping away from them entirely and focusing on more important matters in life. I do not intend on playing and games often anymore, including when I am home for breaks. I don't want them to distract me anymore from school work and jobs and such like they did with me in high school. I may join every once in a while, but that will be a very rare occasion, if at all. So, as of now, this is goodbye. 

It was an amazing year getting to know all of the people in this community and making good friends that will stick with me for time to come. If anyone wishes to get ahold of me, I am sure you can find people who will give you my Discord, or maybe we share a Discord. Who knows. Either way, I wish everyone luck on everything, and make sure the server stays alive for as long as possible until Gmod in its entirety dies. I will see y'all around. Thank you all for making my time in this community worth remembering!

Cya and good luck with everything gamer

see ya around

farewell gamer

Farewell, Alpha. It was fun playing with you and I hope you have a great time at college.

Glad to see you're focusing on education, I hope all goes well for you buddy, you were fun to play with and good luck on your future endeavors!

[Image: ph3l8ss.gif]
Godspeed, gamer o/

Take care and good luck alpha.

Also its Andrews not Andrew

Take care man! Have fun correcting the fools at college

[Image: YaraYara.gif]
cya dude, have a good one

[Image: FPS66Iz.gif]

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