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Farewell Friends
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Well i would like to start off by thanking each and every one of u guys that made my time at carbon very special. I appreciate the hell out of all of u. But that being said after i got back form my vacation things were a little weird i felt out of it and i made some rash decisions and i apologize if i hurt anyone here. But after all was said and done i didnt have a place here anymore i started to get more and more and more aggravated everyday i felt like i was a ghost and that no one even knew i was there. It was just not right for me to stay it was bad for my mental health but no matter what i kept coming back like an addict. so i decided one night to just cut everything out. I left all of the discord servers that had people that i used to know and have fun with and i did the final deed which i never ever wanted to do i ended up massing just so i can get banned. So that way I cant come back. I am very happy to say it worked I am way more happy mentally now and just more happy in general. Although some times i do miss it i just think to myself god i miss carbon. But alas it is done. There are so many cool people in this community i cannot name all of them. But thank u guys for everything you have done for me i wish  everyone here the best even if we didn't get along. Good hunting fellow gamers goodbye  Sad Sad Sad

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