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Spice Ban Appeal
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(08-27-2019, 06:09 AM)SpiceTV Wrote:
(08-27-2019, 06:02 AM)Karma Wrote: Bro, you are insane like clinically fucked. Not only do you hurl insults at anybody you can on the server. You make endless claims about how you are a "drugdealer" you "exploit the cryptomarket" there is something wrong with you and I don't think that Carbon Castles is the right place facilitate a place for you to improve and get better. Just my opinion, look into getting a therapist or some shit, and I hope everything goes well.

I do whatever to make bread clearly wasn't raised rich I took actions before the age 13 just so i can help not proud of the stuff i have done and yes i know how damaged clearly not soft but not everyone was raised the same way my choice was the game i have 6 therapist i just don't trust anyone its hard im ill in the head on many levels When i say i do sell drugs it means it you can see my social like i took lsd 2 days ago i just do the most so my family can enjoy a easy life even if it means killing me i do for others not for myself its why I dont talk much about my insides if you understand what i'm saying karma don't try and show what i see

Karma if you got personal stuff you wanna ask please do it in pm if you actually wanna know what I do man cause i dont dis-agree with you on how mentally ill i am 

I understand what your saying on the other hand i'm not really dumping my irl issues just agreeing to karma on why i dont show my emotions since i do alot of bad plant said to follow this along with tree i'm saying i wasn't raised like you people its the issue on why I am just following what plant told me if that's what you agree then that's fine as-long i followed what i was told to do

[Image: giphy.gif]
This thread is kinda turning into a dumpster fire. So I may lock it soon to be honest. But your "Why Should You Be Unbanned?" answer isn't relevant to the question at all.
Besides you saying you won't be so toxic I don't really see a lot of remorse. I mainly just see you excusing your behavior because of how you were raised or how inebriated you are. Both of which shouldn't excuse anything you do on the server or what you say here on the forums.

it's hard to be unbiased after my experiences with you but i'll try because your mental health is still important. you're extremely hostile to others as well as self destructive. you have a lot of issues you should work on and i don't think it's a good idea to spend time on a server where people see you as an easy target to piss off. most people aren't going to care about what you're going through because you make it really hard for anyone to feel bad for you, and self pity isn't helping your case. garry's mod isn't a healthy environment for someone with severe mental health and anger issues, and i think you should take a break from it for awhile. -1

Video games are a sort of "stress relief", at least I see them that way. I think Gmod and specifically TTT or PH are even better examples of games you can either take seriously (sort of) or just relax and have good conversation with people. The problem arises when one has so many issues or stuff going on that a video game is no longer enough to "lower" the stress or make it more tolerable. They cross a "threshold" if you will. You see this when people dump their personal lives without necessarily being asked, or lashing out at people who didn't do anything wrong. These people generally need to find a stronger source of help, that generally involves talking through problems with people you trust privately, seeing a therapist for conversation, or even seeing health professional for medication.

I genuinely get the sense that you have passed that threshold, I think most people would agree judging by the responses above ^. You might be doing the things i listed above, which is good. I know I have my issues personally and I generally just listen to the people around me and gauge how I'm feeling, if I get told or if I think I'm getting too heated or whatever else I just take a step back. I log off Gmod and I go play a single player game and crank my music. That works for me. Being self aware of your problems and learning to control your emotions and most importantly knowing when to take a step back are powerful tools.

With that said the problem is, you have lashed out at people, and you have unloaded. You have been pretty abrasive towards people. Ya know that's uhhh not okay. That said I do believe people can turn around and make a positive change with the right help. People just have problems getting that help. Anyways I'm trying hard to be unbiased and give a rounded conclusion. You have your issues much like everyone else does, how you handled them has not been the greatest. 

-1 Get some help or believe in the help you have, it doesn't work unless ya try to get it to work. You can't drive a car without putting it in gear. Maybe sometime in the future this can be changed, best wishes.

I absolutely agree with Piper, we understand it you have problems and you are ill, but everyone else has problems of their own. We don't hop on a gmod server to vent all of our problems by being toxic towards other players. I was on the server at the time you were banned and you were acting fine and then just because you were killed (for something KOSable) you blew up. I really think you should take this time to feel better and work on yourself. :\


You cannot use your irl problems to shield you from your actions. No matter the situation you're facing, that doesn't just make it alright to be any less of a decent human being towards others. If we were to let anyone with real life issues run rampant with their toxicity, the server would be up in flames. In summary, you're still accountable for your actions. Of course you can tell people that you won't do this and that anymore, but in such a short time span, I don't believe that you'll change to be completely honest. This isn't the first time that you've been punished or warned for toxic behavior. I recommend just taking a break from the game, and if you genuinely care about getting unbanned, come back and make another appeal. I can see how a reduction to a month would  possibly work in this case, but the unprofessionalism that was displayed when he first posted the thread, and the lack of overall effort in his appeal makes that a very questionable decision to make. 


Given that you didn't reply to what I said previously. And how un-remorseful you seemed regarding your actions I'm going to have to say:
Although, I do encourage you to self-reflect on this thread and try to figure out why everyone had issues with the way you acted on the server. I'm not entirely against un-banning you maybe one day. But some of the stuff you said here not only was concerning regarding your mental well-being / mental-state. But it was also honestly stuff I just don't want near the community right now. So that being said.

Appeal Denied

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