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Praise the person above you
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+rep is alright I guess.

Actually a quality person that's fun to be around

You've been consistently one of the nicest and most reasonable people of this community, and you're exceptionally active and respectful and resourceful and overall great staff and great people

Bor you are the best dev cc has ever had, you have made more custom content then anyone else in the cc universe.

Karma you're legit probably the funniest person on the server and your insights and suggestions are always well thought-out and intelligent. Always fun to play with ya!

Inspector, you are very strong-willed and persistent.

One Bar, I dont know you very well, but I can say every interaction has been a good one and I wish I could play with you more

Ian your a great guy and i enjoy playing on the server with you I also like to poke fun at you sometimes as well

bogged is pretty chill and always is fun to play with. he would make great staff and i hope the best for him +1


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