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Staff Application
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(I was not able to play because I could not install the game due to space issues)
I am somewhat smart for my age, I have been a staff already so i know the do’s and don’ts. I am a very quick learner so it shouldn’t be hard to train me.
I do not let emotions get in my way very often. I see what needs to be done such as a mute or a gag and i do it. Unless told otherwise by a higher up
I do
I can be as active is 2 or 3 hours a day, depending on homework
Around 6:00 to 7:00 is when I usually get online
Nope. I do not staff on any other servers
I have been a staff member before so I know what to and what not to do. It should be very easy for me to get back in the groove of things.
I want to be staff because my older brother is an admin and I want to be an admin like him
I am a good leader and a good follower. I know how to get people to listen and to stop breaking a rule or two.
I would apologize and proceed to give them something in return such as a traitor pass or a crate or key.
I would ask a higher up if the spot is not allowed to be hiding in. if so then I would proceed to tell the hider to get out of that spot immediately and to stop going there. If they do not listen i will teleport them to another part of the map to get them out of the spot. If they go there again i will tell a higher staff member to deal with the person.
I would react as the first time I was demoted, I would move on with my life and eventually come to terms with what I did to deserve it and not do it again.

This person is the model for the ideal staff member. Every time he gets on TTT he is a beacon of maturity, respect and kindness. Therefore I have no choice but to give this god a plus one.

Hey, chief where's the questions. I and others kinda know what questions you are answering but to any newer member, this probably looks like the most confusing thread they have seen. 

You're time in-game is practically nonexistent. I didn't even know you came back at all so for me this is completely out of the blue. Typically with staff apps, we need to see some sort of commitment out of you with time. You saying you will get on more is great, but if all we have to go off of is your past, it isn't a very appealing prospect. 

You say that you couldn't play more because you didn't have space to download gmod. Gmod alone is only around 3 ish GB's, and with the addons alone from CC you are looking at around 4 GB max. It's not a very large game so I don't really get how you couldn't download it but whatever. It, however, is not valid to excuse your absence from the server. Today is the first day you have played in over 30 days according to that game tracker...

Also, your comment about having past staff experience, which makes you a great candidate is sort of misleading Smile.
I'll just leave these here (little goken is what we refer to you as)

You aren't exactly the epitome of staff material. Therefore, should we accept you, training you will not be easy. You seem to act like everything was just jolly and grand back then and I don't know why. While your time alone is reason enough to deny you, had you come off as accepting of your past mistakes and acknowledged them, it would have made your app at least plausible and shown a whole new level of the maturity you claim to have.


That being said, I don't believe a word you stated within the bottom half of your application.


[Image: F5cV3ga.jpg]
As stated above, please reformat this with the questions alongside the answers. Your character in general is pretty problematic. I don't usually like to judge someone based purely on their age, because I was there. I've been staffing servers for a long time, so I know how it feels to be discredited because of it, and it sucks I know..However your actions not only in those submitted screenshots above, but also from the time I've spent with you in game makes it seem like those judgement aren't false. You say that you don't let your emotions cloud your judgement, but I've seen you be very emotional and heated. I don't have any screenshots that back my claims here, because it was in voice chat on the Server, but the way that you react to certain situations isn't the way that would be fitting for a staff member. 

Also... your activity is non existent. You should have more recent time on the server before applying for a position ;; 


 [Image: tumblr_psdi9aPVFc1uk0o8w_540.gif]
Hi, I'm Lily ^-^
You've made quite the move applying for staff in a matter recently joining again. We want to see if you're a bit more dedicated aka more active so grab some more time give it a week or two of activity and we'll see.

Boasting on your own intellect on applications is not a wise thing to do just FYI.

Yes of course you know the "Do's and don't(s)" but have you ever put them into practice? Of past knowledge you were reminded countless times that you were staff and that you were not suppose to do that certain action.

As Pingu has mentioned "Where are your questions?" Although reading is not a priority but in my opinion it's highly recommended that you know how because you just got the Prop-Hunt staff application questions mixed into your TTT application.

All in all I'm a nice person even though people don't think I am. Your past, I can let it go and put it aside. But the only thing I'm really concerned about is your dang time. Your time lets us staff see how active you are. When other staff and I see you play we see if the person who's applied has changed in behavior, maturity, and are staff material. Not to mention you left quite the mess when you were staff aka leaving a bad reputation. But again I'll let it go everyone deserves a chance even though I regret it at times. I reckon you try to expand your time more so that way we see how you have improved and when you think you have it all down and have earned a good reputation during that certain period come and apply again or someone will recommend you as staff since you really want to be on the team.

As of right now -1 
Good Luck!

[Image: 814464e2a35c6f09d6edc8d2d3f7b5b5.gif]
Who are you?

Aye man you good kid but you're really going to have to get your time up. Also i hoped you worked on your maturity/getting emotional. Because last time it didn't really work out for you. If you work on these things you will be 10x better than before. Lots of people will try to get at you when they see you're a staff member so you need to work on that to have a LESS stressful and more easier time on the server.  -1

[Image: YaraYara.gif]
Application Denied

Your time isn't remotely good enough recently, not to mention you posted this as soon as you could after coming back for a day. Again, not to mention all the concerns I've voiced to you previously about you being to young for this position and ect. Any future Staff Applications that fall along these lines regarding you will be automatically deleted until further notice.

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