If your cursor ever disappears, please press F4!

Hit F1 if you are new to PH! Please read the following rules if you are new to our server.

Want some free stuff? Type !rewards to join our steam group, forums, and discord to receive some free rewards!

If you have any issues with another player, use @ to contact the staff online. Do not call them out in voice chat or text chat; inform the staff and let the staff handle the situation.

The following rules are made by the Carbon Castles owner. If you feel any of our rules are unfair or we are missing any, please contact us and leave your opinion or any feedback you may have.

Some situations may fall under staff discretion, it will be up to the online staff at the time as to how they want to handle it. Staff also follow strict guidelines so if you disagree with anything we encourage you to contact us.

Breaking any of our rules will lead to punishments.
Enjoy your time on our server!

Your name must contain 3 characters. If you include fancy letters (ex. ⊥ƎS⊥, тeѕт, T E S T) please include 3 (back to back) keyboard letters. A staff member has the right to ask a group of people to change their names if their names are to similar and will cause confusion.

Freedom of Speech. Our server provides free room to say whatever you like. You have this freedom unless you excessively use offensive words to harass players. You are granted to say what you like as long as it doesn't offend other players or is used in a negative way to insult others. Please be aware that if someone is offended and it is reasonable we will ask you to stop.

No Hate Speech. Within the limits of freedom of speech, you may not rant about beliefs, religion, races, or disabilities in a negative way.

No Player / Staff Disrespect. We ask that all players on the server respect each other. You don't have to like everyone but you should at least respect everyone. Our server is here for everyone to enjoy.

No Spam. Mic Spam is when you excessively use the mic to be obnoxious or annoying. We do not tolerate annoying noises or music to be played through the mic. (This includes soundboards AND voice changers!!!)
Chat spam is repetitively sending text messages in our chat box. This includes spamming commands and binds. Please limit yourself to 4 lines or less.

No Ghosting/Teaming. Ghosting is the act of revealing or hinting the location of a prop as a dead hunter and or as a prop. Using any outside source (TeamSpeak, Skype, Steam, psay, etc) to ghost is not allowed. Teaming is defined as cooperating with the opposite team to potentially game throw. Examples include: false hints, puns of props or locations, props leading hunters to other props, etc.

Do Not Team Switch Without Permission. Do not switch teams to evade playing as a hunter or prop. If you wish to switch teams to join a friend or to balance teams, ask staff first.

Do not Exploit. Exploiting is doing anything that benefits you in an unfair way or that breaks the rules. Examples of this include abusing !unstuck, prop surfing, prop blocking / door blocking, prop damage / prop kill, trying to escape map boundaries, abusing map bugs and glitches, etc.

Do Not Hide in Illegal Spots. Illegal spots are any place a prop can hide where a hunter cannot see and/or shoot them. If you are told your spot is illegal and are teleported, do not return to that spot.

Do Not Abuse !unstuck. Do not use !unstuck to get to spots that aren’t typically obtainable by props (i.e. typing !unstuck to jump or boost yourself to a higher location) or to glitch out of areas on the map.

Prop Surfing is not Allowed. Using a prop to get to a spot that is typically unobtainable by regular game play is not allowed.

Prop Blocking / Door Blocking is Not Allowed. Prop blocking/Door Blocking is using objects to block door access into rooms. This includes spamming E on doors.

Do Not Prop Damage or Prop Kill. As a prop or hunter, do not use props on the map to damage a hunter or kill a hunter.

No Inappropriate / Pornographic Sprays. Please do not include sprays that show any nudity or sexual context.

No Advertisement Besides Twitch.tv. As a player, we ask that you do not link or advertise on our server. This includes any websites in your steam name besides twitch.tv links, if you do have a twitch.tv link in your name please have a name that contains 3 characters well as the link. We also ask that you do not advertise it excessively. Once or twice is more than enough.