Press F3 to access the pointshop to purchase a weapon!

If your cursor ever disappears, please press F4!

This server has a wide variety of TTT maps which primary all require CS:S Textures! If you do not see certain props on the map please hit the textures tab located above and follow the instructions.

Hit F1 if you are new to TTT! Double tap W to sprint.

Please read the following rules if you are new to our server.

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The following rules are made by the Carbon Castles owner. If you feel any of our rules are unfair or we are missing any, please contact us and leave your opinion or any feedback you may have.

Some situations may fall under staff discretion, it will be up to the online staff at the time as to how they want to handle it. Staff also follow strict guidelines so if you disagree with anything we encourage you to contact us.

Breaking any of our rules will lead to punishments.
Enjoy your time on our server!

No RDM (Random Deathmatch): Which is killing a player for no reason as an innocent or detective. This includes prop damage of -5 hp lost and any damage done with any weapon.

Your name must contain 3 characters. If you include fancy letters (ex. ⊥ƎS⊥, тeѕт, T E S T) please include 3 (back to back) keyboard letters. A staff member has the right to ask a group of people to change their names if their names are to similar and will cause confusion.

Our report system is only for RDM. Other reports will be discarded and players will be warned for false reports. If you need to talk to an admin use the following in chat: @ .

No Ghosting/Teaming. Ghosting is defined as revealing any outside information to a player that he/she would not know. Some forms of ghosting are: revealing the traitors, saying your corpse's location, etc. Using any outside source (TeamSpeak, Skype, Steam, psay, etc) to ghost is not allowed. We will find out and you will be punished severely.
Teaming is defined as cooperating with the opposite team to potentially game throw. Please do not ruin other peoples experiences.

No Hate Speech. Use of hate speech or promoting hate of any kind is strictly prohibited and will be punished accordingly. This includes the banning of racial slurs (or variations of said slurs.)

No Spam. Mic Spam is when you excessively use the mic to be obnoxious or annoying. We do not tolerate annoying noises or music to be played through the mic. (This includes soundboards AND voice changers!!!)
Chat spam is repetitively sending text messages in our chat box. This includes spamming commands and binds. Please limit yourself to 4 lines or less.

No Player / Staff Disrespect. We ask that all players on the server respect each other. You don't have to like everyone but you should at least respect everyone. Our server is here for everyone to enjoy.

Suspicion can be KOS'able in overtime. The suspicion must be generated within overtime. Your callout on a player being suspicious must be legitimate (see more rules below).

No Camping in T or D Rooms. Traitors also should not be camping in general. If you are playing the role of the traitor we ask that you please constantly try to look for innocents or attempt to kill them. This will allow the rounds to go on faster.

Traitor vs Traitor RDM is not tolerated. For throwing explosives you must warn your T buddies via team chat. Certain things such as the C4 and Melon Mine do not need warnings because they are seen through walls. But we still encourage you to always warn your teammates.

RDMing of a Traitor is two slays. Regardless of role, unless it is considered accidental in which case it maybe one slay. This is based entirely off of staff discretion.

Prop Surfing is Allowed. As long as you are not exploiting. (See the exploitation rule below)

Exploiting is not Allowed. You must be in a visible spot that is not considered out of the map / exploiting and able to be killed by explosives and/or guns. If you are teleported by staff after exploiting, do not return to the same spot. If you are in Third Person do NOT abuse it's mechanics by peaking around corners to call KOS's.

You Must Follow the First KOS that is Called Out. For example, Selena KOS'd Danny but then Danny also calls a KOS on Selena. You follow the first callout.

No Inappropriate / Pornographic Sprays. Please do not include sprays that show any nudity or sexual context.

No Advertisement Besides Twitch.tv. As a player, we ask that you do not link or advertise on our server. This includes any websites in your steam name besides twitch.tv links, if you do have a twitch.tv link in your name please have a name that contains 3 characters as well as the link. We also ask that you do not advertise it excessively. Once or twice is more than enough.

Cannot KOS off of Playermodels. You can call suspicion for someone with the playermodel, but not a kos.

If Two People are Shooting at Each Other and Noone Called a KOS. Please wait for one of the players to die and let their body be ID'd. If the person is innocent, you can choose to KOS the other player.

You Can Claim Rooms in Overtime. However, you cannot claim open or big areas of the map. The room you claim cannot block players from accessing other rooms. (This means that if there are hallways attached to the area / there is more than one way to enter said area you may not claim it.) Detectives may enter BUT must warn the player that they are entering the claimed area. If the detective enters without warning and you kill them by accident, you are not at fault. When you claim an area, you cannot force anyone already inside the claimed area to leave-or-be-killed. If you leave your claimed room you must re-claim your area.

You Cannot Follow a KOS Called on a Detective. Anyone who calls a KOS on the detective cannot be killed and you cannot kill the detective for a joke KOS.

Do Not Kill AFK's Until Overtime. Everyone waits a long time to get traitor when the server is full, and sometimes you step away for a second when the round starts. So please do not kill AFK's until overtime unless you are a Traitor killing an AFK Innocent or Detective. If you feel someone has been AFK for a round or two please inform an admin using the tag @.

Life Check. Life check or KOS may only be called by the detective IN overtime, unless all detectives are proven dead in which case a proven innocent may life check or kos.

Gentleman's Rule. If there is one innocent left, do not give out the roles of your other T buddies by saying "Hey you're the last innocent."

Map Exploiting. Do not enter areas not intended to be entered by the map creator.
If you do so staff will bring you from the location, if you repeat said action multiple times you may be banned.
For example: Using the grapple hook or prop surfing to get out of or over a maps invisible walls.

KOS'able Offences

KOS means "kill on site". If another player calls a KOS, you may kill the player that he/she KOS'd, but only if you know who called the original KOS. You can call a KOS for any of the following reasons:

Holding a traitor or a detective weapon while unproven.
Blantantly ignoring an un-identified corpse. (If the person may not have seen it you MUST warn FIRST and give them the opportunity to ID it!)
Entering the traitor room as an unproven.
Having DNA on the person.
Calling a KOS on an innocent.
You can kill someone for door blocking/door spamming after 3 warnings.
T-baiting with any weapon (shooting at or reasonably close to someone in their or someone else's direction).
(The REASONABLY CLOSE portion of this rule is up to staff discretion. You may shoot your gun directly in the air, or directly into the wall or ground to test it. But you may not shoot near or towards another player.)
Throwing discombobs on elevated areas where if you fall off, you or someone else you see would have died.
Throwing any type of explosive. (Incendiary is NOT an explosive. The incendiary must be thrown in the direction of another player.)
Breaking or hitting the traitor tester repeatedly (more than once).
Breaking or hitting the detective placed health station repeatedly (more than once).
Moving the detective placed health station repeatedly (more than once) or pushing it off a ledge.
Entering a claimed room in overtime. Detective must give 1 warning before entering rooms (you may not kill detectives unless they do not give this warning).
You can kill a detective for grappling you after 3 warns. You cannot report the player that kills you for killing a detective, you must report the detective for causing chain RDM.
Refusing to test IN overtime (after detective has warned the player twice).
If a player is not following an active KOS and is standing near or looking at the target (If there is reasonable doubt warn said player first.)
Throwing a discombobulator on ttt_terrortrainb5.
Attempting to push someone off a ledge with a prop or crowbar.
Chasing someone with an explosive. (Barrels, Turtle Bombs, Cooked Incendiary)
Being the last unproven player alive.
You can kill a proven innocent after 2 warnings if he doesn't release the grappling hook.
Pulling out the secret knife if unproven.
Placing props in the landing below long chutes, such that anyone who drops through the chute will be harmed/killed. Doing this as an innocent is considered exploiting.
Holding or throwing a turtle mine or turtle prop.

Suspicious Offences

Suspicion is when someone does something that makes you question whether or not they may be a traitor. Always be aware of suspicion, someone just might kill you...

Following someone.
Refusing to test.
Randomly shooting your gun.
If they had the same skin that you saw kill someone.
If they were in the location where you just heard gunshots.
Not responding to a live check before overtime.
Finding that they are AFK and someone killed the people around them but not the individual in question. ( If it is not Overtime. )